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Japanese post-war economic miracle

No description

Togzhan Atenbekova

on 4 March 2016

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Transcript of Japanese post-war economic miracle

After the First World War, the Japanese economy faced a number of difficult problems. Thus, renewed competition between the leading world powers with which Japan could not compete in foreign markets. In particular, China was captured by US corporations, which forced Japan to accept the principle of "open doors" in trade with China, That means to Japan the loss of the beneficial market.
The position of Japan before the 2nd World War

Golden 60s

The reasons of Japanese economic miracle

The position of Japan during the two World Wars
As the first fury of conquest subsided, the Japanese attempted to build a new Asia
The new Asia
The period of rapid economic growth between 1955 and 1961 paved the way for "Golden Sixties", the second decade of which is usually associated with "
Japanese economic miracle
US occupation (no military spendings)
Cheap labor
Trust of the banking system
Control over foreign trade
The export orientated economy
Support to domestic producers
Political stability
Japanese science development of new technologies
The reasons of Japanese economic miracle
Japanese post-war economic miracle
The influence of Japan in 1942
is the first aircraft carrier
Golden 60s
The scientist Vsevolod Ovchinnikov said: The essence of the Japanese miracle - in a surprising mutual trust of the supreme power and big business. In Japan, the government together with great business sphere generates economic strategy. They clearly define the priorities of the country's development. In the first phase the focus was on the development of steel industry, shipbuilding, petrochemicals
Japan has created the most advanced in the world steel industry,. Japan has become the first power in the world in shipbuilding. To refine the oil, they started to develop the petrochemical industry. In the second phase priorities were given to the domestic electric appliance and automobile industry. It was necessary to break the stereotype - until the 1960s, Japanese products were cheap but poor quality. At the cost of tremendous effort on their transistors on their TVs, and then the cars they have convinced the world that the Japanese product meansthe synonym of high quality
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