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Burj Khalifa

No description

Tino Gonzalez

on 15 May 2017

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Transcript of Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa
The Burj Khalifa
Environmental Considerations
Personal Essay Intro
Why are we Against it?!?
Why was it built? Why does it exist?!?

What makes the Burj Khalifa a "Modern Marvel?"
A modern marvel is a modern day, time or remote past of an engineering success that is a wonderful, and good looking architecture design worshiped by other engineers and our society.
How is the Burj Khalifa a "Modern Marvel?"

It Is considered the, "Tallest Building in the World." It is inspired by many tourist and engineers around the world.
It Serves as a Armani Hotel; with Rooms that a regular man can have to Suites suit for a king.

Residential homes and apartments also.
An indoor shopping center, where you can buy and find the finest and authentic clothing and jewelry they have to offer.
A Sky lobby or balcony. Where you can get a beautiful and majestic view of the city Dubai.
All the glass was held up by the most and well made quality of aluminum and silicon to hold up the glass planes.

And uses solar panel glass panes for energy.
The mix of the concrete is to strength and elasticate self-consolidated concrete.
Bad Safety:
The whole building is estimated to make up 9 zillion and trillion bolts of energy every day. This energy usage can eventually cause a ginormous power outage or malfunction.
Good Safety:
The Burj Khalifa was built in a "Y" shape that way when it gets windy in the spring and fall, the winds won't push the building down.
Bad Safety:
If there were a fire. Fire men would not be able to get to the fire on time, making it very difficult for the civilions to escape unharmed.
The Burj Khalifa does not fit in its environment because of where it was built.
Used 1,290,000 square feet of glass.
The building is 829.8m tall
It is known as the "Tallest building in the World"
The Whole building was built into a "Y" shape. For safety purposes.
Built in pools and imported wild life plants and water to make lakes.
Shiniest tower/skyscraper in all of Dubai.
The Burj Khalifa makes up of 7 tons of human waste in a 24 hour day. All that human waste is then trucked out of the city and "Disposed of."
In the summer, around May and June, there are an infestation of bed bugs around the area and even some found in the lower floors of the Armani Hotel.
There are some reports in the Summer that Rattlesnakes, Sea snakes, Egyptian cobras, and various poisonous spiders are around the area.
One abiotic factor that has changed the landscape is soil.

The soil was very weak so they had to import some from egypt and cut off some of the landscpae to make it sturdy and flat. Or else the "Tallest Building in the world" would sink into the ground. making this a real challenge.
It cost the building 1.8 billion U.S dollars to make the Burj Khalifa.
The city of Dubai were in dept for 40 million dollars
It would had cost at least 3 times more if the timespan carried on for at least another 2 to 3 years more.
The reason why I am against is because the Burj Khalifa serves no real and good purpose in this world, it does not benefit us in anyway.
It was built so that it can have a 5 star Hotel, and also to be a shopping center, or to be a sky lobby and balcony, or to be a Residential and apartment homes for the public. But me personally, the reason it even existed is because it just wanted to be called, "The Tallest building in the World."
Height is not everything you know. Being in a contest to be the best is not all that great. Being called "Number one" for a short matter of time isn't worth it. The Burj Khalifa wasn't just the tallest building, it's a building for residents, a hotel, sky lobbies, and even a night club and a shopping center/mall. the environment is in danger, the functionality doesn't even make sense, and it's ergonomically ridiculous. But what else is the purpose of this building. Let me just say that I strongly think that the Burj Khalifa was a bad idea and should have not been built.
Throughout the Burj khalifa, it's purpose. The people who built the building had last minute ideas just so they can be called "The Worlds most Tallest building." It's a huge building just waiting to explode with all its human waste. Where all the sewage water goes right back to the Alantic ocean and harms and even kills the native fish and plants around the shores of Dubai. a building that uses so much water that it can serve the whole population of dubai for a whole week. It's a pointless building, even though it is very nice tourist attraction to look at, however, to me it is a regular tall building that has no purpose in even being there and is just taking up space from the rest of its small buildings around it. Like any other building that is in the middle of the desert, it decided to enter a contest in which they will eventually lose their placement due to future competitors.

Burj Khalifa's Scales and Measurements
The Burj Khalifa was made of
glass, steel, and a lot of concrete.
The kind of steel workers used was
re-enforced steel.
If it were to ever rain, enough to make the soil weak again, the earth could swallow the whole building.
The reason is because the Burj khalifa was built in the middle of the desert.
As you can see most of the building was built in a area where the hi-tech machinery does not look good with the old dry desert.
The Burj Khalifa scales are; 2717 ft. Tall
560 ft. base wide
2.4 ft./28.8 in. = Height

1.1ft./13.2in = Base
94.34027 ft. compared to the actual Burj Khalifa
Scale is 1 inch from model =
Another abiotic factor is the atmosphere.

The humid and dry atmosphere made it a challenge for people to stay at. So when the Burj Khalifa was built, the building was built with outside coolers, making the atmosphere around the area cool instead of dry.
Name's: Darrian Escobedo, Tino Gonzalez, Mark Acuna, Brendan Aydelott
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