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Genetics and Hereditary

No description

Christian Taylro

on 1 February 2016

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Transcript of Genetics and Hereditary

Hereditary occurs among all living things, animals, plants, protists, bacteria, and fungi. Every living thing also have billions of cells, inside each cell are tiny microscopic biochemical structures called genes. Genes are made up of a chemical called DNA. Genes are like the blueprint for building a house. Except they carry information for building cells, tissue, organs, muscles, and any other part of your body. These building blocks are called proteins.
Genetics and Hereditary
Genetics and Hereditary
Hereditary is the passing on of characteristics from one generation to the next. It is why offspring usually look like their parents. It is also why cats can never have puppies and dogs can never have kittens.
Proteins are made up of smaller units called amino acid. Any difference in genes will cause a difference in the building of different amino acids and proteins. These differences cause all life to have different traits such as eye color, hair color, birth defects and even how you may act. A gene gives only the potential for the development of a trait. How this development is achieved depends on how the gene interacts with other genes and the environment. An example is that a person may have the genetic tendency for being overweight but it mostly depends on how much food is consumed and how much exercise is done.
More on traits
What is a trait? A trait is a notable feature or quality in a person. Each of us have different traits. Traits are passed from generation to generation. There are physical traits that are the hair color, eye shape color and anything else that involves the outside appearance of your body. Behavioral traits are characteristics of the way you act like if you have a short temper or are a very sensitive person. There are also predisposition to a medical condition this trait involves having an increased risk of getting a certain type of disease. Like muscular dystrophy and many others.
Josliyn Malacara's
Dad- Black hair, Brown eyes, No freckles.
Mom- Dark brown, Blue eyes, No freckles.
Josilyn Malacara- Dark brown hair, Greenish brown eyes, One freckle.
Allie Wright's
Dad- Red blond, Green eyes, a lot of freckles.
Mom- Dark blond, Green eyes, a few freckles.
Allie Wright- Blond, Green eyes, A lot of freckles.
Christian Taylor's
Dad-brown hair, blue eyes, no freckles
Mom- brown hair, green eyes, no freckles
Christian Taylor- blond hair,blue eyes, little to no freckles.
Joslyn Malacara
Allie Wright
Christian Taylor

christian taylor was here
Genetics rules
Hello simmer down
hi guys
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