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Function of Food in the Body

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Christine Lavery

on 18 June 2017

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Transcript of Function of Food in the Body

Food has three main functions in the body!
Growth and Development
Provision of Energy
Repair and Maintenance of Cel
We need food to survive!
All foods contain one or a combination of the 6 essential nutrients.

If you eat a balanced diet consisting of a variety of healthy foods you are certain to receive these nutrients every day.
Growth and Development
Babies, young children and adolescents grow at a rapid rate.
While in adults and the elderly most growth has stopped and nutrients used for maintaining their bodies.

Your body cells must be able to grow and develop as you do.

Question: Which nutrients play a major part in this?
Answer: Protein!
Protein is the building block for every body tissue cell such as bone, teeth, skin and muscle.
If a person is lacking protein in the diet, problems may occur, such as stunted growth.
Provision of Energy
As a car needs fuel for work, your body needs food to help you carry out your daily tasks and regulate your body processes.
When the body runs low on energy, you feel fatigued and tired.
In severe circumstances, a lack of energy may even lead to certain body processes shutting down such as the reproductive system.
On the other hand, excess energy causes fat build up and can lead to obesity!

Question: Which nutrients help to fuel the body?
Answer: Carbohydrates and Lipids
Carbohydrates and fats help to fuel the body, not only for physical activity, but also for carrying out the functions needed for you to survive.
These include digestion, breathing and circulation of the blood.
Repair and Maintenance of Cells
Achieving good health is one thing, but keeping it is another.
You need to maintain your health, and you need good food in order to do this.
Eg, your skin is often cut or grazed, your hair falls out constantly and your red and white blood cells die on a regular basis.
By consuming the right nutrients your body will repair itself and stay healthy.
You must also be well enough to fight infection and disease.
A healthy individual who eats well and exercises regularly is less likely to suffer from a cold or flu than a person who eats poorly and does not exercise.
For you to do...
What are the three main functions of food?

What age groups grow at a rapid rate?

Which two nutrients provide most of our energy?

List three body tissues that are made from protein?

Evaluate your diet. Identify the 'energy' foods that are always present.
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