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Deadliest Weapons of World War II

Gives descriptions of the mostly deadly and destructive weapons in World War II!

Ethan Wan

on 12 May 2013

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Transcript of Deadliest Weapons of World War II

Deadliest Weapons
World War II By Ethan Wan and Miles Butler What are some deadly weapons?
There are lots, but let's stick to five.

-V2 ballistic missile/rocket
-Atomic bomb (Little Boy)
-Atomic bomb (Fat Man)
-Stick grenade
-Type 89 grenade discharger First, the V-2 rocket

-Germans invented V-2
-The first one launched was in Sept. 1944
-The rocket had a one ton warhead and was 14 meters long
-Used liquid oxygen and alcohol for fuel
-Rocket was capable of reaching supersonic speeds
-Could reach altitude of 50 miles
-The rocket couldn't be stopped when launched
-5000 rockets launched at Great Britain
-Only 1100 reached their target
-Killed 2724 people, and badly injured 6000
-Allied troops later found launch sites and destroyed them B omb -29 bomber
Enola Gay
Atomic Dropped Little Boy on Hiroshima
Little Boy

-It was 9700 pounds
-10ft long
-Uranium as fuel and
the blast was equal to
15000 pounds of TNT
-But only 1.38% of the
uranium actually fissoned
-The efficiency of Little Boy was
-But it still killed about 140000
people (Little Boy) Atomic B omb (Fat Man) (Fat Man) Fat Man

-It was 10800 pounds
-Instead of Uranium as fuel,
it used Plutonium as fuel
-It had a Plutonium core surrounded by 5300
pounds of high explosives
-The Plutonium core was reduced to the size of a
tennis ball
-About 1.176 kilograms of Plutonium actually converted into energy
-The efficiency was 10 times
the efficiency of Little Boy
-The blast was equivalent to 21000
tons of TNT
-Dropped on Nagasaki, Japan
-It was dropped by the B-29 bomber
Bockscar Fat Man explosion The Stick Grenade! Stick Grenade

-Made by Great Britain
-Called Model 24
-There was a pull cord that ran along
the hollow handle from the detonator within
the explosive head
-When the cord was pulled, the cord would pull
a porcelain ball across the igniter
-The grenade then flares up in five sec.
-Then started burning
-Then fire lit the gun powder causing deadly explosion
-This grenade caused lots
of deaths and fatal injuries
(losing limbs)
-When WWII began, the Germans
made it better
-They named it the 24 Stielhandgranate
-This was mostly used to clear out
buildings and to kill large groups of
the enemy Next... Last but not least... The type 89 grenade discharger Type 89 grenade discharger

-It was one of the most deadly and
simple weapons Japan had in WWII
-It had a 50mm calibre
-254mm barrel length
-An overall length of 610mm
-The maximum range for it was
about 732 yards
-The minimum range is about 131
-To fire, you would put the shell in the barrel,
put weapon at certain angle to the ground (45
degrees would make the shell go the farthest),
and pull the handle on the side
-The shell it fired was about 1.75 pounds
-And type 89's weight was about 10.25
pounds Type 89 grenade discharger There were many deadly weapons
invented in WWII and these are just
some of them... All of these caused damage. Especially Little Boy and Fat Man! Thanks for watching !!! Damage done by Fat Man (in Nagasaki) Destruction done by Little Boy (in Hiroshima) The Stick Grenade And in case you didn't see... The Type 89 Grenade Discharger The V2 rocket The Type 89 Grenade Discharger
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