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Separation for Quebec

History Culminating Project

Panda Luck

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Separation for Quebec

By: Priscilla Lo and Jenny Wu History culminating task The
of Quebec Canadian Point of View What we feel Many francophone Québécois want
in Quebec Quebec in SOVEREIGNTY Quebecois think they are special because of their ancestry Quebec will

in half
if separated 1960s, René Lévesque came up with the idea of
Quebec separation They want to separate and make Quebec an independent country Most Québécois don't like Quebeckers The came
dangerously close to separation: 50.5% against and 49.42% for . The most recent referendum took place on October 30, 1995 Can ada separation 1995 referendum debt The Québécois Point of View SELF-DETERMINATION If Quebec separates from Canada... the Cree will separate Quebec from BIBLIOGRAPHY Pictures Information "Matthew Coon Come." Media Canada. (accessed September 28, 2012). Thinking Hats 6 "a nation within a united Canada" EMOTIONS Red Hat White Hat Black Hat Yellow Hat Green Hat Blue Hat want Québécois separate because: to The different Québécois are Québec will be separating Canada in half Most of us are immigrants, so why should the Québécois get special treatment? Different history
ancestry Overall opinion.... Canada doesn't want Québec to separate than the rest of Canada No more need to learn French Will not be a bilingual country QUEBEC WAS HERE FIRST Lose part of our history is in debt Québec The Cree will separate from Québec Desire for sovereignty SEPARATION! Feels unsatisfied Unhappy Desire for sovereignty Independence Recognition as a nation The Through the lenses: Understanding the tension: Peace and prosperity: No, I don't think there is an option so that both sides are happy creating an accord may be the only other choice, but previous ones failed Québécois want to be a separate country, Canadians want to keep everybody together = only one group can be truly happy Peace and prosperity not necessarily the goal, more like having a place to belong in and to preserve their culture. It doesn't have much to do with peace because they are trying to preserve their culture, their main goal is not to become rich though peace and prosperity may follow. Problem: Canada (a sovereign country) wants to stay united with Quebec The Québécois believe that they are losing their culture and wants to separate from Canada Conclusion: The Québécois who are a nation, are trying to gain a sovereign country, and will not be satisfied with just self-determination Nation Feels like the Québécois are pushing us away/doesn't like us We are all Canadian citizens A lot of money returned from Québec's debt will go back to Canada's economy Québec is the most in debt province (approximately 254 billion) We will no longer have to worry about the Québécois complaining about how we treat them (if separate) If separate, our freedom is further restricted since we have to consider them when making laws Maritime provinces will be split form the rest of Canada if Québec separates Canadian: We are looking at this problem through the "lens" of sovereignty since we are a sovereign country and our main concerns are what will happen to Canada as a country when/if Québec separates. "Quebec "Debt Clock" | IEDM." IEDM. (accessed September 29, 2012). "CBC Digital Archives - Renée Lévesque's Separatist Fight - Renée Lévesque: Separatism gets a leader." - Canadian News Sports Entertainment Kids Docs Radio TV. (accessed September 29, 2012). "Cree Indian Group, a photo from Malopolskie, East | TrekEarth." Learning about the world through photography | TrekEarth. (accessed September 28, 2012). Québec: It's a bit more difficult to understand this issue from the perspective because we don't really know how it feels to have so much self-determination; to want to become a sovereign country. Has no prior experience in governing
Québec as a country "The Canadian Encyclopedia." The Canadian Encyclopedia. (accessed September 30, 2012). Handouts from class " Google Image Result for" Google. (accessed September 29, 2012). " Google Image Result for" Google.,r:3,s:0,i:156&tx=45&ty=49 (accessed September 28, 2012). " Google Image Result for" Google. (accessed September 29, 2012).
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