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Enhancing your Literate Environment

No description

Toni Dickey

on 13 July 2016

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Transcript of Enhancing your Literate Environment

engaging environment
classroom arrangement
positive reinforcement
Classroom Two
Fast pace (Checkpoints)
Individual consequences
Lack of Graphic Organizers
Suggestions for Tammy
Switch up grouping
Incorporate graphic organizers
Promote self-motivation
Suggestions for Shiree
Slow down (but not too much)
Keep up with student successes (rewards)
Incorporate Graphic Organizers
Suggestions for Both Teachers
Topic: Engaging/Motivation
Classroom One
Group off task (back on after warning)
Lack of graphic organizers
Lack of full classroom collaboration
Enhancing your Literate Environment
toni Dickey- July 13, 2016
Grand Canyon university-rea550

Behavior sheets for students
Free Reading/Writing
Other types of rewards
Suggestions for Both Teachers
Topic: Social Environment
Read to your students daily
Suggestions for Both Teachers
Topic: Structuring Work
Group Leaders
Examples to use in Your Classroom
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