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Jungle Art

No description

Ben Massey

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Jungle Art

Jungle Art
'Metaframe' sketching
We are learning to:
Create original pieces that show a range of influences and styles
Pencil Types
There are lots of different types of pencil, which are used for different types of work.
Pencil Types
'H' stands for 'hardness' and 'B' stands for 'blackness', so H pencils are hard and B pencils are softer.
Rainforest artists
Today, we'll be looking at the work of two artists who have been inspired by the rainforest: Bill Bell and Pierre Maxo
Use different sketching methods
At school, we write with 'HB' pencils.
What do you think 'H' and 'B' might stand for?
What kinds of drawing would H pencils be good for? What about B pencils?
Rainforest artists
'Jungle' by Pierre Maxo
Rainforest artists
'Rainforest Rainbow' by Bill Bell
Sketching techniques
Let's have a go!
First, try holding your pencil upright (perpendicular to the page) and drawing like that.
Sketching techniques
Let's have a go!
Try using the side and edge of your pencils.
Sketching techniques
Let's have a go!
Try pushing harder and softer. How many different shades can you make?
Rainforest artists
Discuss the styles, similarities and differences.
We're going to use these images as the basis for 'metaframes'.
But what in the sweet rainforests of the world is a metaframe?!
Check these out!
Success Criteria
Pick an image.
Sketch ideas using your new techniques on plain paper.
In lesson 2, sketch a picture in your metaframe.
By Mr Massey
Sketching Metaframes
Sketch the outline first...
Sketching Metaframes
...Then shade it.
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