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Coureur De Bois

History project

Sowda Mohamed

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Coureur De Bois

Coureur De Bois
Their role in the success of the colony:
The coureur de bois played an important role in the
European exploration of the continent and trading
connection with hunters, trappers and the First
Nations. They also played a role between the colonist
and the Natives.
Relationship with the First Nations
The Coureur de Bois were friends with the native people. They
learn how to live in the woods from the natives. They also learn
to hunt canoe and snowshoe. They began to inherit some of
their customs. They ate and dressed similarly to the natives.
Canoes were made out of birch bark the way the Natives
taught them.
Their challenges
The Coureur de Bois traveled long distances away far from their homes and their families. They hunted,set up shelter and keep watch
of enemies. Some of the coureurs de bois traveled as far as 2000km or more, from home which was tough because there was harsh weather they had to go through. Some people were even sick and died from scurvy. In the summer mosquitoes and other insects bothered them. They had to hang their food up high in the trees away from animals. In the winter they had to keep warm at night. Weather,enemies and wild animals were some challenges they had to face during traveling
Their daily lives
The daily lives of a coureur de bois were very difficult and
dangerous. They travel to many places like Ottawa River to Lake Huron. When traveling they paddled 12 or more hours a day.
They sometimes travel in groups, so that they could set up
shelter and look out for enemies. They hunt for food and fish
along the way. The coureur de bois were strong and diligent men.
Their clothing:
The coureur de bois wore the same clothes as the First Nations . The coureur de bois wore a capot which was a coat that kept them warm when traveling to places. They also wore a hat,boots and leg warmers which also kept them warm when traveling.

Their Food
The Coureur De Bois ate pemmican, deer meat,
dried corn and peas. The Coureur De Bois didn't
eat that much when traveling to places. They
hunted fish or animals such as deer and buffalo

Their entertainment
Many holidays provide opportunities for the Coureur De Bois to have a break because they always have to travel and do some dangerous work for six months. They sometimes drink alcohol a lot and go to parties so that they can entertain themselves for fun.

Their spirituality
Roman catholic missionaries persuaded the natives,Coureur De Bois and fur traders
toa religion called Christianity. Some
Coureur De Bois left their faith and a few did not.
By :Sowda 7D
www.firstpeoplesof Canada.com

Their Education
Even though some Coureur De Bois didn't go to school when they were little,they learn how to hunt for food, set up shelter and fishing from their father,relative,and ancestor who was also a Coureur De Bois.
Their Failures
The Technology adopted from the First Nations and used in the colony
While the Coureur De Bois was fur trading with the natives, they
learned many new things from them. The technology that was
adopted from the First Nations and used in the colony was birch
bark. The Natives taught the Coureur De Bois how to make
canoes using birch bark. This helped Coureur De Bois when they
are traveling because if the canoe had a hole somewhere,they
would have to repair it using birch bark. This can also helped
them when they are out of canoes because birch bark is a right
material for them to make a boat. Birch bark was very handy for
the Coureur De Bois.

Their successes
The coureur de bois failed by smuggling furs to the English so that they can have a higher price and a higher quality of goods. The English tricked and lowered the price and goods. The coureur de bois failed by bringing a lot of furs to the English and got back a little goods.
The Technology they used in the New World
The Coureur De Bois made a great success by trading with the natives,hunting animals and traveling to places. They made a great success when trading with the natives because they never had fights about trading goods. They achieved hunting animals even though some animals were wild. They did well when navigating to places when traveling.
The Coureur De Bois brought many supplies
that are useful to the New World . The technology they imported from France and used in the new
world are guns and weapons so that it could be
useful for hunting animals in the New World.
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