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26 Sept. 2012

No description

Mark Gardner

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of 26 Sept. 2012

nebulous (adj)
predilection (n)
profound (adj)
repertoire (n) 4-3-2-1 The teacher's directions were nebulous, so when the class started to work, no one really knew what they were supposed to do. His predilection for country music was no surprise when you noticed he drove a muddy 4x4, spoke with an Alabama accent and like to wear heavy boots and a Stetson cowboy hat. When we stopped to help the old lady whose car had broken down, she hugged us and professed her profound thanks. His musical repertoire was wide-ranging: he could play fifteen different instruments, wrote his own music, and was able to tell if a note was sharp or flat with his ear alone. nebulous (adj) vague, unclear, confusing, "fuzzy" cousin: nebula (like in space) predILECTION (noun) preference, liking, fondness toward one thing over another profound (adj) significant, extreme, "deep" (emotion, thought or feeling) REPERTOIRE (noun) a set of skills or abilities REH-puh-twah WORDS not an adjective!!! Housekeeping: 1. Log on to a computer
3. TURN TO FACE THIS SCREEN WHAT TO DO: 1. Make a page break: CTRL + enter
2. Create a proper heading for today
3. Cut and paste your new paragraph to the new first page of this document
4. Do a quick proofread... formatting!!
5. Save your file (with THREE pages now) back the shared folder...just your last name! title a nb entry: "Theme" In lITERATURE, WHAT IS "THEME"? theme subject What the story is "about"
Single word or phrase
An "abstract noun" What the story is "about"
A complete sentence
An abstract concept A theme will usually: not be directly stated in the story suggest a "truth" about human experience reveal a "universal truth" represent a lesson about the subject subject theme homework: Read the short story The Necklace Be ready to hit your reading targets tomorrow! …show comprehension of the story's plot by creating an accurate timeline of key plot points (including inciting incident and climax).
…identify a list of nouns that could represent the story's subject.
…create a single statement that could represent the story's theme. TARGETS for today I can define the concept of theme as it relates to literature
I can differentiate between a story's subject and it's theme. 4-3-2-1
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