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Lord of the Flies Chapter 7

No description

Isaiah Naranjo

on 27 May 2016

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies Chapter 7

This is the bowing ape that is depicted by the boys when they go hunting in the mountain.
While the boys are out hunting, Ralph muses at the boys' savagery and indiscipline. They get hungry and decide to hunt a pig which makes Ralph exhilarated. Even though the boar escapes they are still hyperactive. They decide to wait till morning to go hunt the beast again. The next morning they start to hunt the beast but when they do, they encounter a large "ape" that bulges.
Chapter Summary
Literary Devices: Irony
Literary Devices: Conflict
Person vs Person- Ralph vs Jack
Ever since Ralph was elected, Jack has held a grudge against Ralph
Jack appeals to the other children's hunger for hunt and action
Ralph responds coolly and collected, fueling Jacks dislike
Jack taunts Ralph
Person vs Self-
Ralph vs his instinctive nature
Resorts to savagery--> bestial nature > civilized nature
The children vs themselves
Excitement of hunt --> mankind cannot resist temptation
Person vs Nature- Children vs Nature
Wind + blowing ashes
Literary Devices:Symbolism
Sea- symbolism of the division between the boys in the island.
Pigs- symbolism for the boys' desire of chaos
Simon- representation of innocence, purity, hope, etc.
Spear- representation of violence and murder
Pretend Game of Pig Hunting
loss of reason and thought
Jack jokes about using a littlun--> clear disregard of others
group laughs instead of being appalled --> descent into evil and savagery
By: DJ, Kimberly, and Alexis
Lord of the Flies Chapter 7
Literary Devices: Foreshadowing
. When Jack's group beats up Roger with spears, Roger tells them to stop and to hurt littluns instead. This scene of the book shows that they are capable of doing things worse.
Literary Devices: Theme
A struggle for power between two people with different goals
As the conflict between Jack and Ralph has grown, so has their struggle for power
Ralph's goal is that people should be civilized and have order
Jack's goal is that people go hunting and turn into hunters
Discussion Questions
1. Simon tells Ralph he isn't certain, of course, but that he thinks Ralph will get back alright. Do you agree with Simon? Do you think that any or all of the boys will get rescued? Why or why not? Does Ralph think so? Why or why not?

2. When Ralph strikes the boar on the snout with his spear, how does he feel? Afterwords, he immediately jabs at Robert with his spear. What does he feel then? Is there any connection between the two events? Explain.

3. How would you describe the relationship between Ralph and Jack at this point? What is the source of their conflict? Do you think Jack hates Ralph? If so, why?
Jack has gotten the rest of the group to be like him
The kids have lost their civilization and morality
Both boys strive for power and control of the rest of the kids on the island
When they play their game, Maurice says they ought to have a drum. Usually only uncivilized tribes have drums to imply that there is a fight going on.
Research cont...
Research cont...
Simon feels a deep relationship within mother nature and the wilderness.
Simon hears the "lord of the flies" or the devil speaking to him is very similar with the Gospel of Matthew 4:1-11:
Ralph begins to lose hope about being rescued which is unusual and uncharacteristic since Ralph in the previous chapters was very determined to get rescued.
Simon volunteers to go across the island to have a talk with Piggy all by himself.
Quotable Quotes
" All at once, Robert was screaming and struggling with strength of frenzy. Jack had him by the hair and was brandishing his knife. Behind him was Roger,fighting to get close. The chant rose ritually, as at the last moment of a dance or a hunt.

"Kill the pig! Cut his throat! Kill the pig! Bash him in!" Ralph too was fighting to get near, to get a handful of that brown, vulnerable flesh. The desire to squeeze and hurt was over-mastering. ( 7. 74-76)"
" Ralph...was fighting to get near....The desire to squeeze and hurt was over-mastering. (Chapter 7 pg. 104)
" Ralph...would treat the day's decisions as though he were playing chess. The only trouble was that he would never be a very good chess player." (Chapter 7, pg. 106)

Quotable Quotes cont...
"Ralph,carried away by a sudden thick excitement,grabbed Eric's spear and jabbed at Robert with."
"...hair much too long, tangled here and there, knotted round a dead leaf or twig; clothes, worn away,stiff like his own sweat, put on, not for decorum or comfort but out of custom; the skin of the body scurfy with brine--" (Chapter 7 pg. 110)
Ironically there is no Irony in chapter 7 of this book.
When people hang out with people that are not civilized or don't do the right things, they also turn out to be like them
In this chapter the kids are on Jack's side and Jack is aggressive and that leads to the group becoming savage
Jack makes everyone else like him
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