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Cornell Cooperative Extension Website

No description

Christina Mount

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Cornell Cooperative Extension Website

The "4-h Youth Development" tab will provide with you with knowledge on the 4-H program at Cornell Cooperative Extension. Here, you can sign up for classes, volunteer ask questions and donate! Gardening Nutrition Volunteer The "Agriculture" tab provides you with information on agriculture in the area, classes to sign up for and resources for you to take advantage of. Here you will find everything you want to know about agriculture. Have a question? ask it in the comment box, and an agriculture educator will answer it for you! Agriculture The "Events" tab will display a calendar of events with the time and location of each event. 4-H Youth Development Cornell Cooperative Extension Here, you will find the many things that Cornell Cooperative Extension offers to any interested in gardening or farming. You can take a class, ask questions, find out about upcoming events and much more! Find an unknown bug/beetle in your backyard? send us a picture and we will identify it for you! Cornell Cooperative Extension always welcomes pictures or samples of gardening concerns, and we will help you figure them out. The goal of Nutrition is to teach food safety, healthy eating, and how to buy more healthy food with less money! Find out about Eat Smart New York nutrition workshops and other nutrition programs! The "Volunteer" tab is a chance for you to get involved in your community. Just click the "sign up" link located in the informational paragraph under the volunteer tab. Here you will find out how to become a volunteer as well as the requirements needed to become a volunteer for each program. Interested in an event? click on a specific event to add it to your personal calendar or check out more details! Better Living from the Ground Up The "Home" tab is where you will find all of the upcoming events and details about each. Social Media We have connected our site to tons of social media outlets so you can connect with us through them! Like us on Facebook and Follow us on twitter. You can also share any articles or information from the Cornell Cooperative Extension Website on your own social media sites clicking on any social media icons displayed on the page!.
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