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Exhibition Topic

No description

Monica Eklund

on 25 January 2017

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Transcript of Exhibition Topic

Exhibition Topic
Choose Wisely!
How to Choose your topic?
You are personally invested in this topic.

There are many articles, journals and books to support your topic.

There are equally as many articles, journals and books which support an opposing view of your argumen
You have a viable solution for your argument.

There are many facts and statistics that support your thesis.

Persuasive Essay Outline:

Topic Approval:

Choose a topic
Click on any leading issue
Click on Research Guide
If you not using SIRS you still must complete the following:
Please complete and print steps 1 & 2 for
topics of interest.

On the back of all three topics answer the following question:
What is a
solution to the problem?
I will draw sticks to determine the order.
Please have all three topics and steps filled out and ready to go.
If you are not prepared you will be moved to the end of the line.
Once finished, you are free to go.
Have a great weekend!
Exhibition Persuasive Essay Outline

I. Opening Paragraph
a. (Hook) Peak the readers interest
b. Identify Problem
c. Thesis statement
1. States the main idea of the writing assignment
2. Gives the paper direction
3. Is a one sentence summary of the argument that will be supported throughout the paper
II. Overview of the problem
a. Brief history (if applicable)
b. Why should we be concerned?
b. Extent of the problem/How bad is it? (Facts and statistics)
c. Background information including both sides of the issue
III. Causes of the problem
a. Why does the problem exist?
b. What factors are contributing to the problem?
IV. Effects of the problem
a. Who is affected/how are they affected?
b. Examples
c. Stories
d. Repercussions of the problem
V. Solution (s)
1. What will work to solve the problem
2. What will not work
3. How does your solution solve the problem personally and globally?
IV. Conclusion
a. Restate the intro (Your Opinion)
b. Restate the thesis
c. Summarize your reasons
d. Finish 2-4 more general statements about how improved life will be, how society will change, if only your solution becomes a general consensus.

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