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Article Review

No description

Chris Espinoza

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Article Review

Article Review: The Path Identity Commitments to Adjustment: Motivational Underpinnings and Mediating Mechanism Lets get started Research Question Part 1: Ascertain the mediating role of identity integration in the relationships between identity commitments and adjustment Part 2: figure out
the “role of
in initiating
this process” Methods Hypothesis first they used a direct effects model including only the commitment dimensions as predictors of adjustments Second was a full mediation model in which the commitment dimensions are only indirectly related to adjustment through identity integration ONE MORE The final method was a partial mediation model including both direct paths from the commitment dimensions to adjustment and indirect paths through identity integration Findings Emerging Adulthood is a time of anxiety and uncertainty,
and establishing stable and viable identity commitments
becomes increasingly challenging. Societal norms that once acted
as reference points
for individual developments
have now been replace with
emphasis on personal choice. So there for it is important for socializing agents, such as parents and councilors to provide guidance on the road to adult identity. Identity counseling should be used to facilitate individual growth. Finally both the autonomous causality orientation and commitment making have been shown to be related both to self-construction and to self-discovery.
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