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Engage Exell Evolve


Dan Vaughan

on 3 July 2012

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Transcript of Engage Exell Evolve

Engage Leicester College uses a modified version of the ULCC eilp plugin for moodle Higher Education Life Long Learning Opportunities Show and Tell Keeping Warm Exell eILP HELLO Evolve What was the aim?

To keep learners engaged with their course throughout the summer break and improve retention into 2nd year How did we do it?

Formative research assignment
Engaged learners in blogging
Taught the learners reflective thinking and writing skills What was the Outcome?

100% return after summer break
Learners better equipped for negotiated study
Learners better equipped for collaborative learning What was the aim?

Leicester College continues to grow in its provision of Higher Education courses from Higher National Certificates, Higher National Diplomas and Foundation Degrees. The key aim of the HELLO Project was to build an online Moodle learning community for all these learners to enable them to access their peers and information at their level of learning; to replace some of the social space the college lost as a result of the new build by offering an alternative online meeting space; and to give the HE learners a sense of identity within that online community.

How did we do it?

Built a Higher Education Student Community Site on Moodle for all tutors and HE learners
Built Common Rooms for whole courses to give opportunities for learners across years to engage with each other and access course information
Built Common Rooms for each year of a course to give opportunities for learners to continue to communicate with their peers and tutor and access modular information

What was the Outcome?

Some of the outcomes included:

Improved retention on courses, in particular, part time
Learners participated in discussion forums encouraging peer support, discussion and peer learning to take place
Used Moodle feedback to carry out self assessment of study skills
Used Moodle feedback to engage with formative scaffolding activities
Used the journal options in Moodle to record work based practice
Used online assignments to upload assignments and receive online tutor feedback so how did technology make them feel? Reflective Practice &
Goal Setting Scaffolding Activity Personal & Professional Development Journal Learners on the Artistic Makeup and Special Effects course used the Moodle Journal option to write about their feelings towards their progress on their course, set individual targets, plan their work and add links to research they had carried out. Using the Journal option in Moodle, learners on a dance course were able to write about their experiences in work based practice and reflect on their personal and professional developmental needs. Learners in Photography & Video used the Feedback option in Moodle to build on their skills of writing about a photograph in an academic essay. They were initially asked to write individual words about the image, building to sentences and finally a paragraph of text. This activity was particularly useful to a learner who did not have English as their first language. The new eILP system builds on Leicester Colleges successful tutorial system Using initial, progress and summative reviews along-side smart targets to as a way to.....

add a digital signature

add timely key information

reflect on thier progress

prepare for thier next formal review using the comment facility on existing targets encourages learners to take an active role in their learning to find out more see our prezi on eILPs and clear direction for progression To start the project the learners were asked to complete a questionaire. The questions aimed to establish how students engaged with technology. One of the questions was how does technology make you feel. We used wordle to analyse the results.
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