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Gay Rights Presentation

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Harry Styles

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Gay Rights Presentation

Presentation by:
Autumn Soucie and
Chantal Davidson Social Justice 2012 Gay Rights Presentation Introduction A few pros to these organizations:
-It is proven that these organizations have helped decrease the rates of suicide caused by homophobic bullying/hate.

-These organizations help bring other members of the LGBT community closer together, making them feel less alone.

- These organizations fight for gay rights and freedoms. They have succeeded in so much so far but continue to fight for more rights that are deserved.

-Most of these communities bring in lots of money to help pay for the tools they need to reach out to others and to fight for rights It gets better project and other
organizations supporting LGBT Youth Suicide Statistics amungst LGBT Youth Celebrities who Indorse and support homosexuality - There are a lot of celebrities out there who support homosexuality

Neil Patrick Harris, Haley Williams, Kirsten Stewart, Demi Lavato, Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert, Jane Lynch, Anne Hathaway, Tegan and Sara, Gerard Way, Elton John, Ellen Degeneres, Queen, and Barack Obama., etc Negative and Positive Influences of the Media Problems encountered by
the lgbt community relating
gay marriage
and adoption Con side view:
-People argue that gay marriage and adoption is morally wrong
-Because its against their religious belief, it shouldn't be allowed
-Its assumed that gay couple adoptions cause gender role confusion for the child which they believe will stunt the childs development. Action Letter Stand Up! Don't stand up for
homophobic bullying Is it okay to be
Left handed? Lady
Gaga Adam
Lambert One
Direction Equality for homosexuality has always been a hard thing to deal with no matter what time era, 50 years ago or now, there are people who struggle to accept people who are gay and think that they don't deserve equal treatment. In this presentation:
- Introduction: Marriage Equality Video
- Gay Rights Presentation Introduction
- Organizations supporting LGBT Youth
- Video 2, "Is it okay to be Left Handed?"
- Suicide Rates/Statistics and Causes
- "Make It Stop" Music Video - Rise Against
- Celebrities who support/promote homosexuality
- Negative and Positive Influences of the Media
- Same sex marriage and adoption issues
- Action Letter By Chantal Davidson and Autumn Soucie Enjoy! ^.^ - Homophobic bullying is a major issue that school's don't find comfortable discussing, and in not doing so it doesn't reinforce and rules against homophobic bullying, or exclusion. - Non-Suicidal self harming occurs amungst 13%-45% of youth. Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender youth are more likley to commit these kinds of behaviours. - Results showed that about 20 percent of LGBT teens attempted suicide every 12 months, while only about 4 percent of heterosexual teens had. - Neglection, Hoplessness, Victimizing, Low social support, Impulsivity, etc are some of the factors that lead to suicide ideation. - 40% of Americans say that they receieve thier direct opinion of homosexuals from the images and reports they attain from various media outlets. - Some Examples of positive T.V Shows; Glee, Degrassi, Will and Grace, Modern Family,True Blood, Opera, Ellen, Jerry Springer, The New Normal, etc - Naturally, society is generally wary of any concept or action that makes it uncomfortable or pushes the boundaries of the normally accepted behavior. - Homosexuality has been around as long as sexuality itself. The media published reports that linked homosexual behavior to mental illness, the public perception of gays shifted towards a fear of the unknown. To the AIDS Committee of Windsor (Also known as the Pride Centre) To: Colm Holmes AIDS Committee of Windsor
511 Pelissier Street
Windsor, ON N9A 4L2 Wheel of Justice Human Dignity Holds that every person-regardless of gender, race, age, nationality, religion, or economic status- deserves respect. Being prejudiced agaist homosexuality is disprespecting that persons right to be who they are. This can also fall under the topic of when being prejudiced can lead to violence, such as hate crimes and gay bashing. Well Known organizations:
-It gets better
-International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGBTIA)
-FCKH8 Pro Side view:
-This side of the argument point out that a gay couple house hold is just as stable as any other.
-Despite religious view, being gay is not morally wrong
-this party states that refusing gays marriage is discrimination and a violation of their religious views Windsor Pride What Windsor does to support the rights of homosexuality Pride Dance Pride Parade Theatre Counselling Sessions Foundraisers Banquets BBQ's and more....
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