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Adeola Tella-Williams' Pink Roots: Natural Hair Informational Presentation

The African American Museum Hempstead, NY March 2, 2013

Adeola Williams

on 2 March 2013

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Transcript of Adeola Tella-Williams' Pink Roots: Natural Hair Informational Presentation

Grooming Posters looking for runaway slaves made specific reference to the hair, one stated: female, unkempt, extraordinary bushy hair, etc… "...poor black women with kinky hair strive instead for straighter-looking hair."
Book:"The Color Complex" “We used the cards to card wool with also, and we just wet our hair and then card it. The cards had wooden handles and strong steel wire teeth,” recalls Jane Morgan and enslaved African The 20Th Century 21st Century Pink Roots
Natural Hair and Informational Program
African American Museum
March 2, 2013 African Origins African Hair texture demonstrates evolutionary genius.
"...this frizzy, kinky hair insulates the head from the brutal intensity of the sun's rays. Hairstyles in Africa are used to represent a person’s status in society, marriage, age, and wealth The grooming of hair among both men and women was regarded as an essential part of one's life. Kinky hair insulates the scalp from the hot sun rays Women of the Ashanti from Ghana ...“Black women began to perceive themselves as inferior,” thereby passing many of these complexes on to their sons, daughters, and the community, generation after generation..." Dr. Joy Gegruy-Leary v. By adopting the ideal beauty regimen and look, Africans thought they would be accepted, quite the contrary, whites often teased Africans who dressed the part and wore their hair straight Enslavement
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