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jamilah mohd zin

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Copy of Untitled Prezi

Basic Requirements of Methods in Multi-racial & Multi-religious Societies Relationship between society and Da'wah Siti Aishah Ramli 0925800
Jamilah Mohd Zin 0928710 Conditions of Da'wah and general 1.The callers
2.The Called
3.The Da'wah Contents
4.The Methods Means of Da'wah Publication and Communications
Publication of booklets and brochures on Islam and make it available to all people.
Place the Islamic publication available in best place that is easy to reach such libraries,school,hospital,community center.
Talk and Conversation on Islam
It can be done in many ways such as having conversation in two person face to face, a discussion, inter faith dialogue between non-muslim, Islamic forum.
Effective ways to spread da'wah where most people will watch tv, listening radio and read newspaper. The Caller The Called Da'wah should be start with the message of Tawhid and not to confuse the non-believers with the differences of hukum al-fiqh. The Da'wah contents The conditions and background of societies should be understand.
Da'wah should contains educational input, as all people were different in terms of religion and culture, the contents should suitable with them.
Islam is comprehensive as it includes the question of religion,culture and all aspects of human life. The Methods How to establish the relationship? Method of conveying the message of Islam should be achieved through PERSUASION and KINDNESS not by COMPULSION. "Make thing easy and do not make them difficult: gladden and do not scare; comply with one another and do not disagree" (Bukhari and Muslim) A Da'i should clear with their mission of da'wah and plan well.
Da'i should: give time,attention and care to our brothers, give them specific advise and instruction, teach them by setting a good example to others, teach the basis of Quran and Sunnah, no political sensitivity and create hope and happiness in people's heart.
Da'i should have a noble attributes and show good example like Prophet Muhammad SAW.
Da'i must bear the character of (al-amr bi ma'ruf wa al-nahy an al-munkar) enjoining goodness and eradicating evils. " No coersion in religion" (Al-Baqarah: 256) "Argue the cause with them with the more comely arguements" (16:125) Introduction To spread the da'wah of Islam to non-Muslim, we must deal with the relationships of individual activities and interact with each others. Challenges of Da'wah
Medium of Da'wah Lecturer's name: Dr. Osman Abdullah RKUD 3030: METHODS OF DA'WAH Malaysia is a multi-racial and multi-religious country.

The word “multi” simply denotes “having many of”

Multi-racial, multi-ethnic and multi-religious societies denote society with having many of different races, ethnics and religions.

A multicultural society signifies a form of society “including people of several races, religions, languages or national traditions”. Islamic View of Multicultural Society Allah s.w.t had provided several guidelines for Muslim in order for them to deal with multicultural society in the Quran.

1. Asserting that every people have their own way of worshipping God. The Quran gives an advice that Muslim should not insult those whom disbeliever worship, i.e. their god (6:108).

2. Maintaining that no religious place should be demolished be it a synagogue, church or monastery. All these places should be protected (22:40). Malaysian Constitutions It should be stated that Malaysia is not an Islamic state and it is also not a secular state.

Although Islam is the official religion and the Sultans are the Head of religion in their respective states, the rights and freedom of other religious groups were guaranteed.

All citizens are free to profess, practice as well as propagate his or her own faith. Strategy and Plan for the Da’i in Multi-racial and Multi-religious Societies 1. Apply methods of da’wah mentioned in the Quran.

“Invite (all) to the Way of the Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious. For the Lord knows best who has strayed from His path, and who received guidance”

(Surah An-Nahl, 125) 2. Be a man of wide knowledge

A da’i must prepare himself with adequate knowledge on other religious beliefs such as Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism.

If possible, he should study the social life and languages of the races to enable him to communicate freely.

He must be very careful in delivering the message of Islam and avoid discussing the sensitive issue of other religious beliefs.

A da’i also must have not condemned other religion by making fun of religious practice performed by a particular religion. 3. Literature

The caller should prepare materials that can be used for proclaiming the message of Islam.

Materials such as booklets and brochures on Islam should be prepared specifically for non-Muslims and it should not be defensive in tone.

This literature must be made available to all so that the da’i can offer the non-muslims an alternative view on Islam. 4. Adopting a new approach

i. People are to be invited to “their own religion”- the “oldest” religion- and not to a “new religion”.

Islam is din al-fitrah, the natural and primordial religion which God has repeated revealed since Adam.

In this sense Islam is not a new religion but rather represents a restoration of the one true religion. ii. A da’I should initially emphasize the concepts and values rather than the forms of Islam.

For example, others especially Christians and Jews must accept the concept of prophethood in order to be properly “righteous”.

Only after these commonalities are established should the invitation be extended to submit to the teaching of tawhid and the prophethood of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. Solutions Challenges in Da'wah " every newborn is born in the state of fitrah (as a Muslim) and it is his parents who make him Jewish,Christian or Magian" Limited Preach when we talk about preaching today, we seem to limit it to spread the teachings of the religion of Islam to the Muslims about their religion without any direct intent to distribute among non-Muslims.
Muslim image and lifestyle & Islamopobhia People see Muslim as terrorist, criminal, and not portray as a good Muslim.
Religious Nations There should be no term which state "Masuk Melayu" if Chinese/Indian convert to Islam.
Deviant teaching lead to misleading of Islamic teaching. Example: Al-Arqam, Ayah Pin, Rasul Kahar
Family acceptance Parents and family do not support the conversion, thrown by family. Preaching must spread to all, non muslim and Muslim.
Maintaining the good name of Islam and always perform the good akhlaq
In Islam,all are equal,there is no specialty for only Malay.
Islamic Da'wah should spread in many ways and make a full use of technology advance that we had nowadays.
Support and committed in spread the message of Islam All people should be called to Islam, non-muslim, Muslim, without no distinction of skin colour, position,title, culture, and so on. Dakwah direct and indirect : the indirect approaches is suitable to apply on non-muslim such having conversation and discussion with them on religion matters.
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