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Australian Murders

No description

Madison Robertson

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Australian Murders

The Snowtown murders
Katherine Knight
Wade Frankum

Australian Murders
The Snowtown murders
In 1999, police uncovered the remains of 12 decomposing bodies bodies, rotting inside barrels filled with acid, deep inside the vault of an old disused bank in the small town of 'Snowtown' in South Australia.
These murders had such an impact on Australia that it was made into a movie...
Katherine Knight
What Happened?
There was no reaason for the attack of john price.
she was mentally unstable with a history of violence.

some of the violent acts she had previously committed included....

- Swinging the hot edge of an iron at one of her Ex-husbands face, leaving the irons pattern across his cheek.

- Cutting her 16 year old's daughter across the face, leaving her to get stitches.

- Slitting the throat of another one of her ex-husbands eight week old puppy
John Bunting
Robert Wagner
James Valassakis
Mark Haydon
The ringleader of the horrific murder was a man named John Bunting, he had three other men helping him capture and kill each victim. The names of these men were,
Robert Wagner, Mark Haydon and James Vlassakis.
John Bunting seems to have chosen his victims on a whim for imagined infractions. He hated pedophiles, and some victims were murdered after Bunting was informed of their alleged sexual behavior with children, often based on poor evidence or rumor. Others were killed due to his dislike of obese people, or drug users or because they were gay men. they believed they were on a crusade, they thought that killing all these people was the right thing to do.
Too fat...
Drug addicts...
Gay men...
Wade Frankum
The first woman in Australia to be sent to life imprisonment without parole was a lady named Katherine Knight.
Katherine was a cruel woman, who harmed everyone who crossed her. But the most cruel of her acts was against her husband, John Price.
John had woken up one morning to the sight of his wife stabbing him furiously with a butchers knife.
He tried to run out of the door but Katherine had gotten a hold of him and dragged him back inside. She then skinned his body with skills she learnt as a butcher.
she proceeded to put parts of his body in an assortment of pots and pans to serve him for dinner to his children. Luckily his neighbors called the police after seeing bloodstains at the front door.
But why would someone do this?
At 1pm on Saturday, 17 August, 1991. 33 year old Wade Frankum stood in the middle of Strathfield Plaza, in the past 10 minutes he had shot 6 people. Although it had soon changed to 7 after a lady had died after being severely injured.

As soon as he heard police sirens he stood in the top floor of the car park with his gun against his head, he pulled the trigger.
What triggered his acts?
Wade was extremely shy and never really happy growing up, he never really payed attention in school so at the age of 16 he got expelled.
Frankum soon got a job at a clothing store, life was finally a happy place for the man but soon got fired for theft. In the last few days before the rampage he spent his time reading violent magazines and books, sending him into an "uncontrollable spiral until he exploded."
Innocence lost, Amanda Howard







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