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BTEC Unit 17 - Psychological Skills 6 week Training Programme

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Mark Livesey

on 5 January 2014

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Transcript of BTEC Unit 17 - Psychological Skills 6 week Training Programme

BTEC Psychology of Sport - Unit 17: Task 5 - PST Programme
Assessment Criteria
Psychological skills
– are qualities that the athlete needs to obtain through the Psychological Skills Training programme.

Psychological Methods
- are strategies you use to improve on your weaknesses by working with a coach and alone. e.g
Relaxation techniques, Psyching up techniques, Breathing Control.
This assignment requires you to take into account the areas of development from p6 (your poster) if done correctly this will help you significantly in this task.
Many coaches and sports psychologists use PST programmes to help sports performance.
PST skills are the psychological qualities or attributes that need to be developed
(i.e. confidence, concentration)
, the PST method is the tool that will be used to help improve the PST skill. so for example, to improve confidence when taking a penalty you may train an athlete to use visualisation techniques to improve performance and take away nerves.

Using your Performance profile grid shown on the next slide. <---
you can assess your performers weaknesses and highlight the areas you will work on over the next 6 weeks. (you completed this for task 4)
Learners are to gain an understanding of task 5, drawing on knowledge gained from task 4. they will then begin to compile a report for a six-week training program based on the areas of development identified in the previous task.
Week 1 the TASK...

Produce a report to introduce your Psychological Skills Program...

1. Identify all your athletes area's for development in a list and display next to your performance profile wheel --->

2. Write your aims and objectives of your PST Program. what do you want your performer to achieve through your program?

3. Display this in a written report on word, include an introduction.
Tiger Woods - Mental Toughness
Use the pages from the book, found here.....
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