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SharePoint Capabilities

Overview on what SharePoint can do and the topics involved in the preparation for a SharePoint project from a business analysis perspective.

Cata B

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of SharePoint Capabilities

SharePoint Strategy The Strategic Partnership Activities Involved About Me Demos SP 2010 |2013 We build it- you use it!

A significant factor of the success and adoption of a technology solution lies in the understating of your audience and their needs.

Clearly understanding what business problem we are trying to solve, allows us to leverage the capabilities and skills of each of the stakeholders thereby asking better questions and finding solutions that makes sense for all parties involved. Topics to think about during a SharePoint strategy session Resources http://www.spsdemo.com/
Who am I?

I am a SharePoint Consultant always in search for technology tips, tricks & best practices.

I like to write about what I find because it helps me remember what I learn

I have learned very much from others who share what they learn and credits are given at the end

I hope someone finds this helpful as well Maximize productivity
Retain corporate knowledge
Connect people
Help you find what you need
User empowerment via technology
So much more... Business Goals IT Goals Cost Efficiencies
Integration and Compatibility
Security Infrastructure
Server Management
Architecture Installation
Contingency Planning
Quality Assurance Application Support Resources

1. Why I use SharePoint- Randy Williams
2. SDLC for SharePoint - Gary Vaughn
3. Quest Software Governance Training
4. SharePoint Adoptionhttp://sharepoint.microsoft.com/iusesharepoint/landing.aspx
5. SharePoint Deliverables - http://msmvps.com/blogs/laflour/archive/2010/02/07/sharepoint-solution-design-document-template.aspx Thoughts during a SharePoint strategy session Source: Quest Seminar 2013 What is SharePoint Why would a company need SharePoint? SharePoint in Plain English- Microsoft Learning - SharePoint End User Content Team
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