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Homesickness in College Freshmen

No description

carla dollopac

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Homesickness in College Freshmen

Definition of Homesickness
Symptoms of Homesickness
Homesickness in College Freshmen
By: Eric Arreola, Nicole Baginski, Dominique De La Rosa, and Carla Dollopac

The Importance of Homesickness
- Its prevalence in all college students
- It can manifest to depression or substance abuse
- Excessive use of food and withdrawal from social activities
- Constantly thinking about home
- Anxiety
- Depression
- Social Withdrawals
- Loneliness
- Decreased motivation
- Missing people, place, and things associated with home
What Parents Can Do to Help
- It's normal
- Don't try to fix it
- Develop a communication plan
- Be sympathetic
- Be a good listener
- Hide your own extreme emotions
- Encourage involvement
Facts About Homesickness
* 21.8 million students were expected to attend colleges and universities (so you are definitely not alone!)
* Depression is the second highest death among college students
* Homesickness is universal. Psychologists refers to it as "separation anxiety"
* Males usually act out more than females because there is much more social and cultural pressure on males to develop independence
Ways to Cope with homesickness
- Know that you aren't alone
- Communicate with family and friends but not too often!
- Get involved with campus activities
- Make a space at school for you
- Decide if it's the right college for you
- Talk to other students and professors
- Exercise and stay active
Helping Others
Reach out to others
Talk to someone new
Invite people to sit with you and your friends in class or to lunch
Be kind
Resources to Help
Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) at Campus Health
Friend 2 Friend Website:
-Drew Ash, College Freshman from Connecticut
-Ryann Quick, Female Junior from Nogales, Arizona
- Beth Roberson, Female Freshman from Tucson, Arizona
- Weizhi Wang (Elena)
from Hangzhou, China
“Homesickness in its most basic form is thoughts and feeling about home, but it exists on a continuum -- it isn’t a matter of being of homesick or not; it’s the matter of degree."
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