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No description

Katelyn Blake

on 27 August 2015

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Transcript of H2O

Summary of H2O
The major themes in
Character Development
Ruby Morris' character evolves and changes throughout the story. At the start of the book, Ruby was selfish, materialistic and seemed naively unconcerned about the rain. In the end, Ruby learns to become a survivor. She wants to see her father and is hoping he is still alive. She begins to study the clouds instead of being concerned about shopping. Although Ruby is still worried about her looks, she does selflessly save several animals that were trapped in abandoned homes, such as Darling, her new dog, and is grateful for her company.
However, Ruby's opinions of the other characters in the novel do not change, despite herself changing. She negatively stereotypes several characters and may still need to grow up. This might be because
is the first in a trilogy and Ruby's story isn't finished yet.
Fairies and Flowers
"I let Darling wander around on the grass while I looked for a flower. I found the perfect one: a single honeysuckle bloom, delicate and sweet-scented. I laid it down on the well-the other flowers were rain beaten, sun shriveled, and rotten-and I asked the fairies, please, to never forget my mom. To show how much I meant it I left them my tiara.(pg 186)"
of H20
This book was a great read. The storyline flowed very nicely and it was well written. Ruby, the main character, is very relatable to teens. She is a normal, materialistic 15 year old girl. In my opinion, Ruby is a well-developed, realistic character, but not every reader can relate to her. This is due to the fact that Ruby is often whiny, impractical and impulsive. Ruby doesn't think about her next move, she acts on a whim throughout the whole book.
The setting is also very visual and modern. The plot has many twists and turns as Ruby looks back on her suspenseful journey and unpredictable events. However, the reader must be willing to suspend reality and believe that the rain can only affect humans and not animals. The climax also wasn't as exciting as the events leading up to it. The ending seems unfinished because Ruby failed to find her father, but she still has hope. I would definitely recommend this book to a friend because it was relatable to a teenager and I look forward to the next book in the trilogy to finish Ruby's story.
Theme in Pictures
Written By: Virginia Bergin
Prezi Created By: Katelyn Blake

is a major theme because throughout the book Ruby loses the people closest to her, such as her mom, baby brother, Step-dad, her best friend, and her boyfriend all to the killer rain. Also, Ruby lost her "survival" friend, Darius, because she was determined to search for her dad and left Darius behind.
is a major theme because the characters have lost so much and are lucky to be alive. They are grateful to have safe water and a family as they search for survivors.
is a major theme because for the duration of the book, Ruby holds on to the belief that her dad and her brother Dan are still alive after the killer rain storm.
This selection from
is my favorite because it shows the wonderful memories, but also the sadness and sense of loss in the book. For instance, this meaningful quote implies that the fairies were Ruby and her mom's secret. Therefore, she is asking the fairies to take the flower so as to never forget her mom. She also leaves her tiara, which shows that she is becoming less concerned with materialistic things.
Damaged earth
Search for family vs search for clean water
Lethal to Humans
Ruby Morris narrates
looking back on her journey. Ruby is an ordinary teenage girl who finds herself caught in apocalyptic England, where only .27% of the population survived a killer rain. The deadly rain is a result of scientists destroying an asteroid that would have destroyed Earth. Ruby lives with her mom, step-dad, and her baby brother. On the first night of the storm Ruby's mom tries to help a stranger and accidentally touches the rain. She died almost immediately, but before she did, she touched Henry, the baby, on the cheek and they were both dead before morning.
Although the radio says to stay at home and wait for help, Ruby and her step-dad go out for supplies because the tap water is contaminated. They make it to the store just before it starts to pour. In the morning they take their loot home and start raiding abandoned homes. At one house they hit a jackpot, tons of water bottles and canned food! Ruby's step-dad, Simon, takes a drink from an open bottle and instantly they both knew it was a trap. Simon would be dead in hours.
Ruby now faces the deadly rain on her own and must face many challenges in her search to find her last remaining relatives, her father and brother. She must also learn to adapt to this new world in order to survive.
Remembering Ruby's Mom and hope for a future with lost family

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