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My AutoCAD prezi. Showing all the things I have learnt during 10 days and relating the software with the world.

shahal ahmed

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of AutoCAD®

Iphone in CAD drawing Introduction to AutoCAD An isometric block Broad Based Technology Work Habits Character Traits Essential Skills 13 Concepts of Technology By: Shahal Ahmed Communication Computer Technology Technological Design Innovation Sustainability Energy/Power Control Fabrication Aesthetics Ergonomics Reading Numeracy Writing Oral Communication Thinking Computer Use Perseverance Respect Cooperation Responsibility Teamwork Honesty Teamwork Initiative Organization Working Independently Reliability Customer Service Balance My dad's construction CAD drawings My client Residential plan made using AutoCAD AutoCAD 2011 for Windows AutoCAD software for mobile phone Mr. Yanevski Careers involving graphic designing Needed degree/education for graphic designing Thanks for viewing my AutoCAD prezi. Sample of Activity 1 Sample of Activity 2 What is CAD? 2.23 2.49 1.38 Sample of Activity 5 Sample of Activity 6 AutoCAD is an extra ordinary software that helps the designer perfect every element before they can build them. Almost everything you could imagine is made using AutoCAD. It tells us from what can be done to what should be done.CAD technicians will continue to be in high demand as modern manufacturing processes depend more and more upon these technologies to bring new goods and services to the market. Architects matter because they create the home you live in and the school we go to and also the place where we go to buy our coffee (Tim Hortons store). But, thats not all. They create almost everything in an urban city to village. The most important thing is that they use AutoCAD to make them. Why does Architecture matter? Such a thing may not exist. But on any given day, an architect may have to:

Meet with clients.
Win contracts.
Solve problems.
Estimate costs.
Meet with consultants.
Produce drawings.
Present at public hearings.
Draw up specifications.
Call tenders (bids).
Visit construction sites. What is a typical day for an Architect?

References: http://www.raic.org/architecture_architects/becoming_an_architect/index_e.html
http://www.dictionary.com AutoCAD made our lives easy. From the easy access to our washroooms in the morning to the car we drive and the roads we travel everyday and the school we go to. Everything in our daily lives are made using this precious software. University professional degree programs in architecture may last from five to seven years and it provides training which includes critical analysis and integration of knowledge. To become an archtitect, bachelor’s or master’s degree in architecture from a university program approved by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB) is needed. An alternative way to become an Architect is through the apprenticeship offered through the RAIC Syllabus Program. Architects in Canada are licensed at the provincial or territorial level?

AutoCAD's impact on our society and life 50 100 100 Canadian programs are currently offered at both the bachelor level (B.Arch.) and the master's level (M.Arch.); however, the professional degree is granted only at the master's level.

Glossary RAIC - Royal Architectural Institute of Canada
Architect- A person who designs buildings and often supervises their construction Did you know? What do Architects do? Architect Draw, write, speak, calculate, take responsibility and manage. Conclusion Architect is used as the CAD designer. In this prezi The architects have to communicate with their clients through their designs. They have to explain their drawings (not the technical but the aesthetics part) to their clients. This broad based technology is very important for the architect. Using a computer is now an essential skill for all workers The software CAD is completely computer based so the architect must have computer skills in order to work with it. Everyone is a technological designer of processes or products. Every decision that the architect makes and every design that the architect will create will have an impact on the society. He/she has to be very effective in thinking and accurate in designing or else the structure that he/she is going to create will cause a disaster and kill lives.
The architect has to be original and creative in thinking in order for them to design a successful structure or building. If they are not innovative and original in their designs, they can be sued by other companies of the same design. Innovation is very important for architects. The architect's design has to be sustainable for many reasons.
meet present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.
make the building environmentaly friendly
make the building easily accessible for people.
infact, design in such a way that people will be benefited from it. AutoCAD is totally controlled using computers. The designs made using AutoCAD are always easy to use in term of products and buildings. The architect designs the structure and the building interior in such a way that minimizes discomfort, risk of injury and use of our energy. The designs are always user-friendly. Infact, AutoCAD was created to make designs that are easy for us to use. The designs are done pretty fast using AutoCAD compared using pen and paper. Its even green when the architects design with this software because they are not wasting lots and lots of papers. There are shortcuts and easy functions which makes the design to be more accurate and faster than pen and paper. A basic video showing how the 2008 AutoCAD works AutoCAD is mostly about aesthetics. As in, the designs are mostly pleasant to human senses. From our houses to the huge buildings in downtown and the CN tower are all created using AutoCAD and they are all pleasant to our senses. Not only buildings, even cars, phones and everything you could possibly imagine is or can be created using AutoCAD. The tallest structure in the world.
@Dubai Twin towers @Malaysia Buildings @downtown Toronto Burj Al- Arab @Dubai Aren't all those structures and cars pleasant to our senses? Well ofcourse it is because all of them were designed using AutoCAD before they were built. The architect should be determined and be commited to the design that he/she has to create and have the courage to make more new designs. They should adapt themselves to any condition of work and be optimistic with their clients. A person has to show respect in order to get respect. The architect has to be respectful to others with their designs by not copying their designs and be respectful to their clients and /or their boss/leader all the time. The architect must be honest to all their clients/ boss or they will loose their trust on the architect. Honesty is the best policy The architect has to be committed to his/her designs and get it done on time. They also have to be initiative as in get the job done in the first place. In order to get the responsibility, they have to be trustworthy and honest. The architect takes the responsibility for all our lives. If they did not design our houses accurately and with correct procedures, than we would all be dead or injured by now. Imagine all the huge buildings and all the bridges and all the schools they make. Architects take the responsibility for all these things. Its not easy being an architect. The architects has to work well with others and their clients and also focus on common goal. They should also be flexible with their time and desicions. Teamwork is not a nessecarily needed for all sorts of architects but it is surely needed for those who design massive buildings and bridges like the Burj Al Khalifa @Dubai. The architects definitely worked together to make it. One person could never have finished the design by themself. So teamwork is surely needed for architects. The architect has to be leadership. They have to work willingly with others on a multi-disciplinary project and show respect for the ideas and opinions of others. Being patient is very much important for the architect.They also have to take responsibility for their share of the work.
Contributing to the team effort by sharing information, resources, and expertise is also very important for the architect. They must follow standards in their designs.

The architect has to begin and complete tasks with no prompting. They should also approach new tasks with confidence and show a positive attitude. They can also seek assistance from their boss/leader when necessary. Being determined is very important for the architect also. Having strong decision making habit is important for the architect when they are making designs.

Organizing work priorities when faced with a number of tasks is important for for the architect because if they do the design that is due later and do the design that is due tomorrow later, it would not make much sense.They should devise and follow a daily plan to complete a task. The architect can also revise the plan when necessary to complete a task or to make improvements on their designs.
The architect has to finish tasks independently besides the teamwork. They should finish their part of design in the teamwork. They must also independently select and evaluate themselves. Using their own knowledge and experience to solve problems and making desicions is very much important for the architect too. The architect has to be punctual and trustworthy.
They should follow directions.
They must give attention to detail of their design as in Completeness, Accuracy and the Quality of the design.
The architect must use time effectively and make the design on time or else their clients won't be happy...
They should also know their limitations.
Listening effectively to determine and meet clients’ needs is very important for the architect in order to work in real life.
They should interact positively with both co-workers and clients/customers.
Their designs should meet or exceed expectations
If the architect is working in a company or with a organization, it is important for them to create a positive impression of that company/organization.

The architect must also evenly prioritized work life and home life and also support good health. This is an extremely important work habit for the architect. CN tower The architect should be able to:
Scan for information or overall meaning.
Read to understand, learn, evaluate.
Analyze complex texts into simpler versions.
Read emails/manuals from their clients and understand them.
Being an architect is not only about designing but also how they communicate or understand people's needs/wants. If the architect can't even read the letter or emails from their clients about their needs, than his/her designs will never be appropiate according to their clients.

The architect must be able to use computers and other forms of technology. They need computer skills in order to make their designs with CAD. They also need to know how to use fax machines and printers in order to print their finished drawing. They must also be able to use word processing softwares and be able to send and recieve emails from their clients. The architect might also need to navigate around the internet in order to see their clients' blogs or websites to know more about them or to get their contact info. Architect is all about mathematics and numeracy. The architect should be able to take measurements and make calculations to complete their designs. They should perform scheduling and budgeting the cost of their design according to what amount their clients asked for. Numeracy is one of the most important essential skills needed for an architect. Architects need writing skills during organizing or recording information. They also need this skill to inform their clients if there is any delay, etc. When requesting or justifying something, writing skill is very much important for architects. They also need this skill to analyze or to compare with other designs to their leaders/boss. Thinking is an important essential skill for architects. They have to think and create a design from their own creativity and knowledge. They also have to identify and resolve problems in their designs. Making desicions is a common skill that an architect has to have. They should also plan and organize job tasks and think critically all the time. The architects should use their memory like, what they have learnt during their education(university). Architects have to provide or obtain information from their clients. They also have to reassure or persuade clients to buy their designs or work.They might also have to lead discussions during meetings in their offices. They should also listen and pay attention to their clients and during meetings. They also need this essential skill because if their is any delays or mistake, they can inform their clients by texting or by talking to them over phone or in person.
Some CAD drawings Comparing the height of the tallest structures Porsche 911 turbo Audi interior AutoCAD is a CAD (Computer Aided Design or Computer Aided Drafting) software application for 2D and 3D design and drafting. It was developed and sold by Autodesk, Inc. The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side. ~Margaret Carty Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.
- Bill Gates Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.
- Albert Einstein But innovation comes from people meeting up in the hallways or calling each other at 10:30 at night with a new idea, or because they realized something that shoots holes in how we've been thinking about a problem.
- Steve Jobs
Some of the jobs and careers involving with CAD
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning Industry
Electrical and Electronic Design
Plumbing and Pipe work Designs
Mechanical Configuration and Design
Fashion and Entertainment Industry
Engineering and Manufacturing
Automobile Design and Engineering
Construction and Building Design
Architectural Engineering and Design
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