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rewnewible recourse

No description

madison brown

on 26 November 2015

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Transcript of rewnewible recourse

Hi, its me again with Sophia today we are going to talk about resources.
Renewable resources
Nonrenewable resources
Please Recycle
By : Sophia And Madison
Renewable resources are resouces that can be replaced or reused. We can not run out of them.
Nonrenewable Resources are resources that can not be reused or replaced.They can not be made again in a life time.
I hope you you liked are prize
Food Procssing
Food procssing is the way of turrning crops and animals into foods found in boxes, jars, and bags.
Recyling is one of the many ways you can conservatate.
Conservation is very good. It keeps our econo and envirenmt strong. It also makes it, so we don't run out of are nataurl resources.

Here is a little treat
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