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Battle of the Bulge

No description

Kinsey Belleau

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Battle of the Bulge

80 mile front Started

in retaliation against Allies, planned the suprize attack in the Ardennes Forest. Hitler beleived he had the advantage and would easily split up the US and UK forces. Freezing winters made condititions even harder on soldiers. Germans tried to surprize the Allies but the Allies fought back and forced the Germans to reteat back to Germany. The signifigance of
The Battle Of The Bulge is that it was the last confrontational effort made by Germany in WWII. US General Dwight D Eisenhower...
was the supreme Allied Commander durning The Battle of the Bulge. British Commander Bernard Montgomery...
was the commander over all Allied Ground Forces during the battle. The Allied Forces' superior air power was a huge aspect to the Allie Strategy. The Battle of The Bulge December 16th 1944, to January 25th 1945 Kinsey Belleau
Lauren Bottoms
Marissa Albidress
Luis Rosalas
Kevin Henry The Malmedy Massacre was a signifigant event during the Battle of the Bulge where Germans murdered 84 American POWs.
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