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Gracie's talk


Ingrid Geerling

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Gracie's talk

I love
bunnies! facts Bunnies are really furry.
They are very cute and come in many
colours, sizes and types. Some are
really, really big, while others
are really small. Some have big
teeth and really big ears!
This bunny lives in Germany -->
He is one of the biggest bunnies
in the world! Bunny Bunny diet How to care
for a bunny Pet bunnies need a
safe cage with a warm, dry area.
They love hay for making a bed but
love to be cuddled if you train them
right from the start. Bunnies also need
their cage cleaned once a week because
they go to the toilet a
lot and need a clean
home to stay healthy
and happy. Bunnies need water
and love to eat grass.
They also love the foods we like.
Foods like carrots, lettuce, broccoli
and spinach are treats but just like
us, they can't have too many.
In the wild they mainly eat grass and
hay and love flowers like dandy lions. Bunnies are one of my
favourite animals It is very important that bunnies
eat grass and hay everyday because
their teeth are always growing.
They need to wear them down daily
so they can stay healthy.
Eating also helps them
not get bored. Important
things to know ?
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