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The Commonwealth of Virginia

No description

Jon Herberger

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of The Commonwealth of Virginia

The Commonwealth of Virginia
Mount Vernon
George Washington's
Norfolk Naval Base
Largest in the
Virginia Beach
Colonial Settlement
Air and Space Museum, Dulles VA

1st - George Washington
3rd - Thomas Jefferson
4th - James Madison
5th - James Monroe
9th - William Harrison
10th - John Tyler
12th - Zachary Taylor
28th - Woodrow Wilson

#1 Home to 8 U.S. Presidents
More Than Any Other State
Virginia's official state flag was adopted in 1861. The flag has a deep blue background with a white circle in the center. In the center are the words "VIRGINIA," and "SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS" (Latin for "thus always to tyrants"). Depicting the state's motto on the flag is the goddess Virtue who is holding a sword and a spear, and defeated a tyrant, who is lying on the ground, and is holding a chain and a scourge (a whip). Nearby is the tyrant's fallen crown. Virtue symbolizes Virginia and the tyrant symbolizes Britain.
Famous Places In Virginia
Top 10 Facts about Virginia
#2 State Beverage is milk

#3 Virginia has been dubbed "Internet Capital of the World"

#4 Norfolk has the largest naval base IN THE WORLD

#5 Virginia is home of the Navy's Atlantic Fleet

#6 Virginia is known as "The Birthplace of America"

#7 Grew the first peanuts in the U.S.

#8 Mt. Roger's is the highest point in Virginia at 5,729 ft.

#9 Virginia's Tech Team Mascot is a Turkey

# 10 Virginia became a state on June 25, 1788
Facts Continued...
Important Places
A Famous Person from Virginia
Time Line of Important Events
First permanent English colony - 13 years before Plymouth Rock
Virginia becomes a state
George Washington, of Virginia, takes office as the first president of U.S.

Battle of Bull Run, confederates won, 22,000 casualties
Norfolk Naval base opens
The Air and Space Museum in Virginia is museum where you can learn about planes and the space program. There are different areas for different types of planes. For example, there's an entire room for World War II planes, one for modern fighter jets and another for the first Space Shuttle ever made. If you go up a special elevator, you can learn how to be an Air Traffic Controller.
Virginia Beach is the largest beach in Virginia. It is an impressive 27 feet wide and 3 miles long. It's probably the largest beach many of us have ever been to. Over one million people go to this beach each year. The beach is known for para-sailing, jet-skiing, fishing, dolphin-watching and warm water. The water is 80 degrees in the summer. Just to compare, the water on Cape Cod in August is usually 50 degrees.
George Washington was the first president in the US. He was elected president in 1789. He was born in Virginia in February 22, 1732. There was also a little story made up that you should never tell a lie. George chopped down his fathers cherry tree and when his father asked who chopped it down, he confessed.
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