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The World is An Apple

An Investigation on its Seed

Babo Jang

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of The World is An Apple

The World is An Apple
Formalistic Approach
An Investigation of its Seed
What is the genre, type and form the literary piece follow?
Is the piece suitable for very young readers and/or audiences?
Is the title suitable for the story?
What is/are the main conflict/s of the story?
What is/are the resolutions/?
Moralistic Approach
What is the most depicted moral of the story and why do you think so?
What are the value/s you learned from each of the characters?
What are the transformations of each of the characters?
What are the negative behavioral influnces depicted in the story?
Sociological Approach
Is peer pressure shown in the story? If so, how is it shown?
Is the story relatable in our society nowadays?
Is Mario and Gloria's status in life prominent in the country?
How did it affect their lives?
Are there people like Pablo in the society today?
Psychological Approach
Do you think Mario made the right decision by the end of the story?
Why do you think Mario made that decision?
If you were Mario, will you make the same decision? Why or why not?
What do you think happened to Gloria after Mario left her?
What is the effect of their financial status to their child?
Mythological Approach
Why do you think apple, of all the fruits, is used?
Is it taken from a mythological aspect? If so, from where is it derived?
Is it appropriate for the story?
What could be an alternate symbol for the story?
What does the green apple symbolize? Red apple?
Feministic Approach
In the story, which gender is dominant and why do you think so?
What does the author want to imply?
What is the gender issue in the story?
What are the struggles of the female gender shown in the story?
What is the possible effect of Mario's actions on Tita?
Author: Alberto S. Florentino
Are the values shown in the story applied in the modern society?
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