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Quantization - FL Studio

No description

Gerneaud G

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Quantization - FL Studio

Gerneaud Godfried
Amsterdam, The Netherlands Coursera Recording Instrument The grid Countdown Quantization Piano roll Right click on instrument track
Click on ''Piano Roll'' for recorded midi notes
Use ''page up & down'' to zoom in or out In-depth quantization Open tool pressing the shortcut ''Alt+Q''
Put start time to 20% (to put it near the grid)
Click on ''Accept'' to enable the quantization
Music production
Topic: Quantization with FL Studio Start with a new project
Choose preferred instrument Step one: Train your performance
Step two: Check the next 3 slides first
Step three: Play with the ''record button'' on
Click on ''Snap'' to set the grid
Personally I prefer 1/6 step
Click on the preferred snap to enable
Tip: Depending on your skills you can change the snap of the grid Tip: Before recording you could use ''wait for input'' to! Enable the ''countdown'' button
It starts recording when hitting ''Play'' (it takes a few seconds depending on the length of the bar)
Start recording! Tip: You could use the metronome to sharpen your performance Tightens up your performance to the grid
Very handy when you are sloppy in your performance
Use it carefully, it can make your performance sound robotic
This robotic feel is mostly used within the genre Techno

Tip: When not entirely satisfied, follow these procedures again Do you have inspiration for a new track? Where did my recording go? Before you record get these things done first! Aligning recorded notes to timeline Give me a few seconds before recording! The last steps for an sweet performance! Why would I quantize? (example: VSTi Edirol orchestral) Example: countdown button Example: Snap menu Example: Record & play Example: Piano roll Example: Quantizer
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