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Hercules Family Tree

No description

annabelle auger

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Hercules Family Tree


Son of Zeus and Alcmene
Greatest hero of ancient Greece
Lord of the sky, the rain god.
Supreme ruler of the Olympian.
Cheating habits

Supreme goddess, goddess of marriage and childbirth

Married to

The Labors of Hercules
The Nemean Lion
What/who he became at the end of the labors
Hercules' Family Tree

Hercules' mom
Mortal princess
(Hercule's first wife)
Eldest daughter of Creon (King of Thebes).
Rewarded to Hercules by her father for defending Thebes from Minyans (autochthonous population in the region).
Megara and Hercules' children
Megara gave Hercules children. The number varies from story to another.
Married to
Married to

(Second wife of Hercules)
Married to
By Annabelle Auger
Greta Avetisian
Maissa Bahloul
Elise Brien
Ariane Filion
(Hercules' third wife)
Hera's madness
Zeus' infidelities
"Glorious gift of Hera"= Herakles
Assassination attempts (preventing birth, snakes, etc.)
She could never directly hurt Zeus. Therefore she decided to do it indirectly by making Hercules' life miserable.
She made Hercules insane which made him murder Megara and their children. (This eventually leads to the twelve labors.)
Thank you for listening !
We hope you enjoyed.


Heracles' half-twin brother
Mortal, unlike his brother
What led him to do these labors
Prayed to the god Apollo who told him he had to serve the king Eurystheus
Her name means ''man-destroyer'' in greek
She ends up killing Hercules
Goddess of youth
Daughter of Zeus and Hera
Cupbearer of the gods
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