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Buried Onions

No description

Michael Soto

on 25 August 2014

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Transcript of Buried Onions

From what I have read on this novel, I believe that the main theme of this book is that the struggle for a better life is always difficult and has more downs than ups.
That is really what the whole book talks about.
Buried Onions
By:Gary Soto

Important Characters
- The protagonist of this novel.
- The antagonist of this novel. Eddie suspects that he is the one who murdered his cousin.
Eddie's Aunt
- This is the mother of Jesus. She brings Angel and Eddie tortillas and a gun to find who killed Jesus.
- A citizen of Fresno who is fixing up a house. He hires Eddie for work and later believes he stole

Important Characters continued
- Eddies old friend from school. He visits Fresno before going of to The Marines. After taking Eddie to eat he is stabbed by and unknown character.
- Coach is Eddies friend since he was a young boy. Coach now maintains the park and breaks up fights now and again.

Eddies Nina
- She is Eddie's godmother. Eddie puts down Quennie , his godmothers dog. Although that event is more significant than just killing a dog
The setting of this book takes place mainly on the streets of Fresno. It appears that it takes place in the middle of summer as well. The streets of Fresno are swarming with crime. This affects the way characters like Eddie walk and react to things on the street like someone following you. After all you are not in the safest of places.
Eddie is a 19 year old boy who has lived his entire life in the crime infested streets of Nevada, Fresno. He has recently dropped out of city college and is running a "job" spray painting address numbers on curbs. One day Eddie finds out that his cousin Jesus was murdered while hanging out with a friend name Angel. Eddie must now avoid Angel trying to kill him and try to live a life working and ignoring stereotypes faced in Fresno.
There is really no dedicated conflict in this book. It is more of a story of how Eddie is getting by living in the slums of Fresno. The closest thing to conflict is Eddie knowing that Angel is out to get him.
Theme continued
Take the example of Eddie taking any job he can find on the street for money. Is it a real job occupation?, no. But Eddie continues to do these unusual jobs like painting numbers on curbs. This is because Eddie wants to save money to get out of Fresno and be something more than a low class gang member. He is up against the struggle for a better life .
Although the conflict does not seem significant there is an ending or a resolution to this book. At the end Eddie decides to take the easy way out of Fresno.
By that I mean Eddie enlisted in the navy to escape his life in Fresno.
Resolution continued
Although that was not the complete ending. As Eddie is riding the bus that will take him to the navy base, the bus breaks down. When Eddie gets of the bus he can see two black men out in the distance. As he runs toward them the men become surprised.
The men then offer Eddie a bag of onions and Eddie bursts into tears. But this is more significant. Eddie began to cry because his past caught up to him with onions.
What The Onions Symbolize
It has become apparent that onions symbolize something in the story, but what? The answer is that onions symbolize sadness and pain. This is why Eddie was crying at the ending of the novel. Onions reminded Eddie of Jose being stabbed...
What the onions symbolize continued
The onions also reminded Eddie of his mom dying and him putting down Queenie or Jesus being murdered. Imagine taking in all the horrible moments if they happened to you for a second time.
What I Thought Of The Book
Honestly I thought this book was great. It is a short book at only 146 pages but it does grab your attention. I liked this book because it took a simple concept of a boy living in a tough neighborhood and made it significant.

Would i Reccomend This Book?
The answer too that question is yes. Its not hard to read and is entertaining. So I would recommend this as a free read type of book.
Thank for watching.
The End

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