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Chapter 1

No description

bushfam taal

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of Chapter 1

This chapter contains the introduction, objective, and the statement of the problem, research paradigm, significance of the study, as well as its scopes and limitations.

The general aim of the study is to determine the effects of reading wattpad books to highschool students of Imus Institute, Specifically this study aims to:
1.) Know how many grade 7 and 8 students read wattpad books.
2.) Know the reasons why Grade 7 and 8 students read wattpad books.
3.) Know the genre of wattpad books Grade 7 and 8 students read.
4.) Know the effects of reading wattpad books to grade 7 and 8 students.
Statement of the Problem
The general problem of the study is “What are the effects of reading Wattpad books to Grade 7 and 8 students of Imus Institute?” Specifically, This study aims to study answer the following questions:
20th century people really love reading. They love reading novels, romance, fiction and other genres. Hard copy books have good sale on market. As of 21th century, technology evolved. Yes, people in this generation still love reading. But most of the earth’s population now depend on internet. Online writing or reading sites and apps have been invented. One of these site is Wattpad. Wattpad helps us to share our ideas, imagination and creation in terms of writing stories in public. But there’s a big possibility that Wattpad has positive and negative effect to its users. Wattpad may affect each of the user’s life, whether it’s a good or not.
This research was made to become an eye-opener, so that many highschool students in Imus Institute especially grade 7 and 8 of SY. 2015-2016 will enable to open our minds to the positive and negative effects of using wattpad.

Effects of reading wattpad in grade 7 and 8 of Imus Institute SY 2015-2016

Research Paradigm
Figure 1. The paradigm of the independent and dependent variables on the effects of reading wattpad books to Grade 7 and 8 students of Imus Institute

Chapter 2
Related Foreign Literature
Related Foreign Studies
Legal Basis
1.) How many Grade 7 and 8 students read wattpad books?
2) What are the reasons of Grade 7 and 8 students for reading wattpad books?
3.) What are the genre of wattpad books Grade 7 and 8 students read?
4.) What are the effects of reading wattpad books to grade 7 and 8 students?
Grade 7 and 8
of Imus Institute SY 2015-2016

Effects of

Book Giving


It is stated that on 2013, Wattpad has 15 million users and still counting around the world wherein people spend 3.5 billion minutes on the said writing site.
The co-founder of Wattpad, Allen Lau explained how the mobile-driven storytelling flatform changed publishing in Philippines in the recent copyright clearance center interview. Here is the statement: “ The publishing system over there is not as established. But it doesn’t change the desire of the people. People still love to read, and people still love to write. But without an established system, the outer doesn’t exist for those people. So in the case of Philippines. One thing quite interesting is as yopu say know, It’s also a bilingual country. So some of the Filipino writers, they actually started writing in our English community first, and they realized, hey, I can actually write in “tagalog”. So some of the writers, they started to write “Tagalog” stories, and then grew the community from there.. Each country has their own stories. But what we’ve seen in common is the storytelling is very universal.

Wattpad is more than a simply platform, It’s really a social media network focused on writing and books. The positioning is deliberate as it represents the philosophy underlying the monetization strategy at the company which now has some 40-45 million monthly users. “Most are readers.” says Lau. and “some 1.5 million people have posted something in the the last 30 days, so we have a lot of writers as well. But what I really want is 1.5 billion users, readers and writers, using Wattpad. That’s my goal.”
English is then top language used in Wattpad, and Spanish is second representing-15%-having just overtaken by Tagalog. Which is spoken in Philippines. Turkish is now 10% of traffic. Other countries where wattpadd is increasingly powerful include Indonesia and Russia; Unfortunately, The company has been shut down of China, and groth in India- where the mobile infrasfructure is still growing- slower than expected.
As for reaching billion users, Lau says it’s just a matter of time, even without China. Lau says, “We talk about short term, but I have a very long term view. I look where thiscould be in 10 years. Our core belief is that there are only a handful of big multimedia that will exist: videos, photos, and the written word. The majority of the people in this planet will be creating content in those verticals Right now, we have 3 billion users but the number will grow.Overtime, You can safely assume that people will have a reading writing device in their hand and four people out of five people will be able to write: We think we should be able to get a billion users without much difficuly.

Media and communication technology and its rapid development had a revolutionary effect on the reading habots and fpopular fans of Literature. The main topic of this paper is the “The new age readers” especially the reading habits, interaction, fan activities and identity creation. Our purpose is to trace the transformation in reading habits that occur with digital media and social networks. We have conducted in depth interviews with Slovenian and foreign readers, who view the internet as an absoloute necessity for reading popular literature products.

The analysis shows that Slovenian readers who stromgly connect reading reading activities with the Internet subsequently bring global fan activity trends, Such as fan fiction and real person fiction, to Slovenia. There is also a strong support for an identity construction thesis and our findings are also congruent with the thesis of consumer tribes, since we argue that new age readers construct their identities in a weakly connected group of people, who prefer to communicate on different digital communication channels rather than real life.

The Philippine copyright law is enshrined in the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines, officially known as Republic Act No. 8293. The law is based on United States copyright Law. Unlike many other copyright law, Philippines copyright laws also protect patents, trademarks, and other forms of intellectual property.(Research on the Copyright Law Republic Act No. 8293 and how it applies and not only to physical looks but e-books as well.
This are the evidence that there are further studies that conducted as the same as ours. And this shows the law in the Philippines that you shoul put a copyright in a statement you copied.
Chapter 3

This chapter includes research respondents, sampling technique, research instrument, data collection and management and statistical treatment of data

Research Respondents

The research will be conducted to 271 high school students of Imus Institute from first and last sections of Grade 7 and 8 business and science highschool.
The research design of this study is descriptive design. According to Calderon (1993), descriptive research is purposive process of gathering, analyzing, classifying, and tabulating data about prevailing conditions, practices, beliefs, process, trends and cause-and effect relationships, then making adequate and accurate interpretation of data about such data. This will be used to know the effects of reading wattpad books to Grade 7 and 8 students of Imus Institute.

Research Design
Sampling Technique
The sampling technique used was stratified sampling technique. This sampling technique is done by dividing the population into homogenous groups according to their similar characteristics. All Grade 7 and 8 from the first and second section will be surveyed.
Research Instrument
This research used a surveyed questionnaire that contains multiple choice questions to collect data regarding the effects of reading wattpad books to Grade 7 and 8 students.

Data Collection and Management
The researcher will seek permission to Mrs. Belma Villanueva, Highschool principal to conduct the survey in the highest student of Imus Institute, Through a letter of permission. After that, the researcher will ask the respondents to answer the survey questionnaires.

The stastical treatment of data was used to determine the effects of reading wattpad books to students are frequency and percentage.

P= f x 100

Where: f= frequency of score
n= total number of respondents.

Statistical Treatment of Data
How Wattpad Changed Publishing in the Philippines

By: Jason Boog on Aug. 5, 2013

Source:Anthropological Notebooks. 2014, Vol. 20 Issue 2, p103-p126,p2.

Author(s): Sesek, Lara; Pusnik, Marusa
Imus Institute
City of Imus Cavite


A thesis presented to the
Faculty of Business Highschool Imus Institute

In partial fulfillment of the Requirements
Method of Research
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