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Sneaker Paper Presentation

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Michael Tobias

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of Sneaker Paper Presentation

Michael Tobias

Sneakers come in all different shapes and colors. Sneakers are made for different types of sports and athletes. Different designers, companies, and player of which the shoe is designed for all change the look of the shoe.
Commercial In Pop Culture
Nike and other companies used commercials in order to promote the brand and their products. These commercials not only helped bring the shoes into pop culture, but also brought the commercials into popular culture as well.
Sneakers are a part of society
Nowadays people wear sneakers everywhere even celebrities. Sneakers have become a part of normal dress of the populus
Sneakers have made their way into pop culture
Shoes are something that everyone wears, wither they are gym shoes or women's steletos, people wear shoes.
Nike SC Trainer II "Auburn"
Jordan Phat Low 1 "White Cement"
Jordan 4 Playoff
Nike Kobe 7 "Galaxy"
Jordan 14 "Candy Cane"
Jordan 9 Crawfish
Jordan Mars Blackmon Commercials
Nike's Bo Knows Campaign
Sneakers have subjects of many other aspects of pop culture such as:

Every shoe in a sneakerhead's collection has a story behind them. Wither it be personal to them or to everyone around the world
RUN DMC - My Adidas
Nike Lebron 9 "All Star" "Big Bang"
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