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Blue Dog Beverage

No description

Sublime Digital

on 20 June 2016

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Transcript of Blue Dog Beverage

Demographic Targeting
Video Campaign Targeting

Sex: Men & Women
Ages: 18-45
Location: Sacramento, Placer, Yolo and El Dorado Counties.
Platform(s): Youtube, Facebook, Instagram
Estimated Reach: Between 67.4k to 2.5m (depending on Ad Spend)
1. Video campaign on Youtube & Facebook with ad re-targeting*. This will provide us the ability to reach our target market on the two most popular social media platforms.

2. Social Media Campaign
Using a dedicated social media manager. We will increase engagement, with posts and daily activities to increase brand awareness.
1 year and 1 month, for a total of 13 months.

1 month to shoot videos and social media preparation, then 12 months of running the video and social media campaign.
Goals & How to Achieve Them
The goal of this campaign is to increase brand awareness and recognition.

We will meet these goals by creating 1 infomercial and 6 commercials to run on YouTube and Facebook.

Scheduling: 1 infomercial for 12 months and run each commercial 2 months at a time.
Investments & Deliverables
$9,600 - First four videos
$7,200 - Final three videos
$0 - Free Ad Re-targeting with 13 month campaign.
$6,500/mo - Social Media Campaign*
Blue Dog Beverage
Marketing Proposal River City Craft Sodas
Campaign Options
Option 1
$2000 ad spend
YT: 22,400-25,200/mo
FB: 45,000-117,000/mo
Option 2
$10,000 ad spend
YT: 140,000-168,000/mo
FB: 261,000-690,000/mo
Option 3
$25,000 ad spend
YT: 336,000-364,000/mo
FB: 780,000-2,100,000/mo
Social Media Management
Acquire relevant content for Social Media Vehicles
Posting of relevant, engaging content channels, twice (2x) per day,seven (7) days per week per vehicle (Facebook,Instagram,Twitter)
Organic growth of fan base/following through coordinated advertising boosts and ads

Social Media Monthly Contests
Create idea for monthly contest
Place contests details on social media accounts
Work with client to choose winner
Publicize winner on social media vehicles

Video Campaign
Creation of video concepts to be used in advertising campaigns
Talent cultivation and prop acquisition

Onsite/Locations Shooting of Video

Post Production
Post Production of Videos

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