Prezi answers the President’s call

Supporting low income schools across the country with engaging presentation software for the classroom

Prezi has committed

$100 Million

In Edu Pro licenses to hundreds of thousands of high school teachers and students nationwide.

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“We are living in a digital age, and to help our students get ahead, we must make sure they have access to

cutting-edge technology”

- President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama and Prezi CEO Peter Arvai

Prezi CEO Peter Arvai meets President Barack Obama at the White House Film Festival in February 2014.

What is Edu Pro?

Prezi licenses for students and teachers

iPad with Prezi
CollaborationCreate, collaborate and present online
PrivacyManage privacy and sharing
LogoReplace the Prezi logo with your own
OfflineEdit offline with Prezi for Windows/Mac
Image editingEnhanced image editing

To qualify for Prezi’s ConnectED offering, your institution must meet all of the requirements. Learn more ›


Photo of Michael-Ann Cerniglia
  • Michael-Ann Cerniglia
  • Sewickley Academy

“I design my prezis to complement and guide our in-class discussions and activities; the mixture of visual, text, motion, and audio keeps students engaged and I often use the Prezi to generate discussion of content and encourage synthesis and analysis.”

Photo of Larissa Beckstead
  • Larissa Beckstead
  • Cheyenne Tradition School, Scottsdale Unified School District

“Prezi is a resourceful tool for educators. My students like Prezi better than PowerPoint or SMART board slides because Prezi is more visually engaging. [It] keeps my students engaged in my lessons and actively learning the new concepts I am teaching them.”

ConnectED logo

Prezi is proud to join Apple, Adobe, Microsoft and others in support of the White House’s ConnectED initiative. Learn more ›