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No description

Josh LeFevre

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of ADORNit

Effective Delegation:
allows individuals to work
independently and purposefully,
while contributing to ADORNit's success Going to the negotiation table with an open mind
mean going to the table with an empty brain Interests Interview Analysis D R N it A O Organize a company of Acceptance and Enthusiasm Our Goal: The Class: AFTER MANY INTERVIEWS and RESEARCH: About Us Our communication course presents skills and materials that are useful for conflict management and consensus building. We have learned many concepts, such as the different aspects of conflict, how to explain influences in communication, and how to comprehend and practice negotiation and mediation skills. Throughout the semester we have also learned the process of communication consulting, and how to adapt those skills and information to the workplace. This brought us to ADORNit.

We chose to work with this company because we were fascinated by their success story and bright future. Characteristics of this business include their strong family ties and constant flow of creativity. Let the adventure begin... The road to success... is always under construction. ~ Lily Tomlin Three Themes: B
S t r u c t u r e
P o w e r
r Accelerate Goals by Developing a Common Mission Design an Environment of Purpose and Clarity Recognize Identity and Influence Negotiate Interests Apply it. Modify it. Use it We believe the points of intervention lie in improving the flow of information throughout the organization, and creating a productive work environment. Clear purpose and direction
is important for companies who desire
to improve performance and communication
with staff and customers. SO, How does one accelerate goals and develop a common mission? When people feel trusted
a positive, creative environment is fostered The Peace Making Pyramid Understanding the use and perception of power,
enhances productivity and a cohesive environment Position 1) Separate the People from the problem

E esource nterpersonal linkages ommunication skills xpertise Apply it . 1) Be Clear

2) Boost Employees' Confidence

3) Be Constructive, Listen

4) Collaborate 2) Focus on Interests NOT Positons 3) Invent Options for Mutual Gain 4) Use Objective Criteria Modify it . Use it
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