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Social Media @ BCPR

No description

UNDP Social Media

on 5 June 2016

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Transcript of Social Media @ BCPR

Multiparticapitory monostakeholder
Triangular mechanisms
Interface dialogue improvement
CPDP CoP action for #acronyms Speak the Twitter language
Create a professional profile (bio, photo, link)
Build strong relations. Follow & engage with influencers
Be concise & timely
Engage in dialogue, ask questions
What are you working on?
Use trending topics/hashtags to connect with other conversations
Re-tweet & encourage Re-tweets, say thanks
No hyperlink, <120 characters = more RTs
Content: stats, quotes, development news, polls (twtpoll.com), photos, don’t self-promote, Calls to action
Be human (voice+avatar+bio)
Special Twitter events, live-tweet
Give context, use correct hashtag & handles
Cross-promote How to … tweet Awareness Raising & Advocacy Over 100 colleagues on Twitter Showing our global expertise Engage with Partners Transparency & Real-time reporting Why does it matter? Be


social The good tweet The bad tweet Trending Topics Avoid mistakes.
Know the rules. Human Story-Telling Staff = Our Brand Ambassadors Everyone is a communicator Interactive Events News Source Offer exclusive content on your social networks
Spread out updates, time your posts
Use communication events (intl. days)
Join global events
Don’t use automated feeds
Use corporate branding
Give HQ access for emergency
No pdf
Use geotargeting
Promote your networks on website & offline
Check spelling, sources, accounts you link to
Always give source credit, especially photos!
Monitor & reply to comments & messages
Photos, photos, photos. With captions!
Live tweeting
Promote your accounts off-line
No meetings/conferences

Integrate your social networks in your traditional outreach initiatives The Basics. #Hashtag versus @handle International Civil Servant Code of Conduct applies to all social networks
Always act in the interest of UNDP
Integrity, professionalism, respect for diversity, impartiality are key
Share cautiously
Prepare for times of crisis
Respect copyright laws, confidentiality, security of others
Check facts
Identify yourself, use corporate branding Think about CNN, your mother and your boss. ✗ ✓ Reacting to negative comments YOUR CAREER
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