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Chinese Women's rights during the Qing Dynasty..

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Anna Akacich

on 26 May 2013

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Transcript of Chinese Women's rights during the Qing Dynasty..

Chinese women's rights during the Qing Dynasty Hypothesis Introduction "That Chinese women
of the Qing Dynasty were treated with greater respect than that of some other women of that time, as well as women throughout China's history." - Today I will be talking about women in traditional China. - I will be proving my hypothesis, previously shown. - I will be focusing on the period of time of the Qing Dynasty. - I will be using factual information to back up my hypothesis. What rights did Chinese women have in this time? - Women's rights improved with the Qing Dynasty. - Women became allowed to fight in battle, alongside China's men. - Women were permitted to participate in leisure activities like horseback riding and archery. - Women were starting to be paid for their work in fields and other industries. Did the rights and responsibilities of women change with social status? - Women in the lower classes found work as wet nurses, female peddlers, shopkeepers and story tellers.

- Women of the upper classes had greater restrictions as far as working went.

- Women of the upper classes could become an empress, which was not possible for lower class women. How were other women treated in this time, around the world? - Women were treated very poorly during time of the Qing Dynasty in countries like Britain and France.

- Women were largely considered inferior to that of men.

- Women spent most of their time working in order to earn a wage which was significantly less than a man's wage.

- A woman had to obey all orders that were given to her by a male. What were concubines? Why were they important to the rights of Chinese women? - Quite often, men would have more than one wife.
- Warlords and wealthy men would have concubines.
- Concubines were women that were beautiful and mostly young.
- They were paid to attend special occasions with men and to keep themselves looking young and beautiful.
- The other women would stay at home looking after the children, cooking and cleaning. How much have Chinese women's rights changed over the years? - Rights for Chinese women have evolved very much since the beginning of Chinese civilisation.

- There were many breakthroughs and developments involving rights for Chinese women over the time period of multiple centuries.

- The Qing Dynasty and emperor Qianlong were major contributors to the rights that Chinese women have today.

- However, there are still parts of China's countryside where women are treated poorly and are abused. Conclusion - It is evident that women in Qing China were treated much better than women of that time around the world and throughout China's history. Were there any female rulers during Qing China? - There were multiple female rulers during the Qing Dynasty?

- Empress Dowager Longyu is a more well known female ruler.

- She is best known for ending Imperial rule in China.

- Female rulers over China affected the way that society saw not only Chinese women but women all around the world. Thanks for Listening!
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