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The Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio (KPTP)

No description

Nikk Nelson

on 3 January 2018

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Transcript of The Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio (KPTP)

Task 4: Reflection and Professionalism
Two Most Successful LO's-Two Least Successful (Data)-Reasoning-Rationale-Professional Learning.

Communications Log.

Review Complete Document.

Final Thoughts/Licensing Advice.
The Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio (KPTP)
Develop a timeline for completion.

Collaborate, Don't Plagiarize.

Overwhelmed is the correct emotion.

Action is the appropriate response.

Task 1: Contextual Information and Learning Environment Factors
Technical Writing-Be Specific. Be Concise.

Provide contextual information for the community, district, school, whole class, subgroup, and focus students.

Identifying information should be omitted.

Use your resources to track down information.

Task 2: Designing Instruction
Know your resources.

Grade Level-Content-Topic-Rationale.

Objectives (Measurable)-State Standards-Assessments (Pre/Formal-Informal Formative/Summative)-Data.

VTRIC-Focus Lessons-Adapt for Focus Students. Key Word: Variety.
Task 3: Teaching and Learning
Tasks 1 and 2 should be COMPLETED, completely.

DO NOT recreate Task 2-Focus on performance-reflection-assessment-reflection-adaptation. Daily Reflection Log.

Don't Fail. Adapt--Disaggregated Data.
What You Are Trained to Do

Design a Unit of Study--Lesson Plans, Assessment Plan, Demonstrate Reflective Practice

Formatting, Rubrics, and Scoring
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