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Scary Story

A frightful tale

Jaja Lala

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of Scary Story

Mark of the Spiral Once upon a time, There was a young couple. They had been living in an apartment next to a graveyard, but after they married they decided they should get a house, since they wanted children. So they found a newly built house. But there was something peculiar. There was a bloody spiral on the front door. The builder of the house, Sim Arde, told them when they complained that it had inexplicably shown up several days ago. They painted over it several times, but it always reappeared. They supposed a hooligan in the neighborhood was responsible. "Still," The builder told them, "It's perfectly safe." How wrong he was. Nonetheless... The young couple did not believe in superstition. "We've lived next to a graveyard," said the man, "We can get used to this. He had been called Kim. His wife was called Newna. That night, when they went to bed, Newna noticed something peculiar. "Kim, the light is broken." "What shoddy builders," Kim complained, "First that graffiti and now this." When they woke up that morning, Newna tried to make pancakes. "Kim, there's a problem with the stove," She complained.
"Lemme see," he said.
He looked behind the stove. All the wires had been ripped out.
"The builders assured us everything was in working condition, we've been scammed." He gasped. Awhile later, they called the Kiwi House Inspection services. Two girls came over. One was known as Ginger, the other was Alto. After inspecting the house, they presented the range of damage to the couple.

It was not good. For the most part, it was just more ripped wires and broken lights. Nonetheless, Kim and Newna held the building company in disdain. "I want our money back," Newna cried.

"I don't know if you can," Ginger told them, "I can attest that I inspected this just last week, and everything had been perfect."

Alto agreed, "I can only imagine some young prankster came and messed with the house, I hope you have insurance." "Such terrible teenagers," Kim grumbled.

The Kiwi Building Inspectors left.
"Let's take a walk," Newna told him, "We need to relax. We have insurance from the trusty Bergore Insurance Company, we'll be fine."
"I think we should call the police," Kim said.
Newna sighed, "It was just a kids prank, now that we live there, I'm sure they'll stop." During their walk, Newna saw a sign, "Young Curling Salon". She insisted on going in.
Meanwhile, Kim went home. While she had her hair curled, Newna got into a conversation with the stylist. "Some hooligans have been messing up our new house for some reason..."
"Hooligans?" The stylist gasped, "We don't have any hooligans in this neighborhood. My shy daughter, Anne, can attest to that, she goes to the high school. All the kids are good, it's a great neighborhood."
"Well, you have hooligans now," Newna laughed nervously. Meanwhile, at home, Kim was examining the house again. He noticed a board torn out of the cupboard. "How could the inspectors have missed that!" He exclaimed out loud. In front of his eyes, another board ripped away. He ran outside, terrified. Meanwhile, Newna finished her hair and began walking home. A man met her. "Hello, did you move into that new house in the neighborhood?" He asked her.
"Yes," she replied, "who are you?"
"I am called Uzumaki Coul." He smiled. "I believe you will need me soon," He told her, "Here, my card, Carry 'er around, call me if you need anything." "Thank you," Newna said, edging away, "I'll be sure to keep that in mind..." At the house, she saw her husband on the lawn. "What are you doing?" She asked him.
"A board suddenly jumped out at me from the cupboard!" He cried 'Don't be ridiculous," She scolded him, "The house is in really bad condition, something probably wasn't screwed in probably, and made it snap out. Gosh, you're scared so easily."
"...I guess," He replied sheepishly, "I'm a little wound up from the whole prank thing."
"Night is falling, what you need is some sleep." As they prepared for bed, they heard a crash downstairs.
Both were alarmed. "Is it a burglar?" Newna whispered, fearful."
Kim grabbed a bat, "I'll check."
"Good luck," Newna told him.
"Aren't you coming? You seemed so brave earlier."
"That was facing superstition, not actual people. Do you want me to call the police?"
"Sure, there's a phone down the hall." As Kim went down with his trusty bat in the manner that many stereotypical and sexist movies use to enforce gender roles in society, Newna shuffled to the phone in the submissive and meek way that was expected of a woman according to how the American society believes a woman should be. Stereotypical American Scene promoting gender discrimination She pulled the phone off the hook. Dialing 911, she glanced behind her nervously. "We're sorry, your call can not be completed. Please hang up and try again." The phone cord was ripped out of the socket and torn to shreds. Downstairs, Kim swung his bat around,
"Hello? Anyone there?" He called out.
He saw the chandelier in the kitchen had fallen. "Shoddy workmanship," he muttered, assuming the chandelier had fallen as the result of improper support.
Not believing himself to be in any danger, he turned his back and began leaving the kitchen. The knife cut his shirt sleeve.
Cussing, he turned with his bat and waved it about, crying for the burglar to come out. "I know you're there! My wife is calling the police! Surrender now, or you'll be sorry!" "Kim?" His wife called from upstairs.
"Stay up there, I've almost got him!" He yelled up.
"No, Kim, I have a bad feeling."
"Weren't you the one talking about not believing superstition?" The table cloth burst into flames. "Kim, what was that?" Newna called out, hearing the crackle of the fire.
"Stay up there, I'm coming!" Kim's voice cracked. The door flew open, and Uzumaki Coul ran in.
"I heard the spirits," He cried, "I came as fast as I could!"
"Who are you?!?"
He threw his business card at Kim, "They call me Uzumaki Coul, nice to meet you, run!"
They ran upstairs, narrowly avoiding the cutlery floating and spiraling through the kitchen. "Mr. Coul!" Newna exclaimed when she saw him.
"Please, just call me Uzumaki."
Kim turned to his wife, "You know this guy?"
"He's from the church, he introduced himself earlier. What is he doing here?"

"I should start from the beginning," Uzumaki insisted, "It started when some people decided to build a house on this lot." "This is the haunted ground of the Maigo, "Lost Children." Long ago, an orphanage here burned down, and since then it has been haunted by the spirits of the children burned inside. They try and drag adults down to hell in hope of finding a parent, but they are never fulfilled, and will continually kill. Although this land had been kept clear and people avoided it, this house has given them people to murder. I knew it was bad news when I heard a house was built on this lot." "What can we do to stop them?" Newna asked.
"Obviously, we have to escape!" Kim cried fearfully.
"They've no doubt put up a barrier already to prevent us from escaping, we'll have to fight."
"But how?" Kim asked. "We'll have to exorcise the house. Follow my directions very carefully."

"That seems like a whole bunch of malarkey to me," Kim said doubtfully.

"There's nothing else we can do." Uzumaki prepared them. He gave each a blessed Kollard candle and a box of matches. "You both must go to the point you are furthest away from me and the other person, then light the candle in synch. I will light a candle as well, and recite the purging words."
"But how will we know when to light them?" Newna asked. He gave them both a small globe, "When this globe glows, that means I am ready. I will give you three minutes to get to your positions. Do not fail, or it could mean your life." They ran. Kim got to his position first. It was in the living room. He heard the dishes breaking in the kitchen down the hall. Then, there were footsteps. He hid behind the couch and held his breath. The footsteps came and receded. Breathing a sigh of relief, he prepared to light the match and watched the globe. Meanwhile, Newna was trying to get through the kitchen to the front door, which was her assigned point. Getting through would require going through the most violent area of the house. She crawled on the ground near the wall, hoping to escape the attention of the ghosts. She saw the knives and plates floating about, randomly smashing about, and the tablecloth burning. Carefully, she edged along inch by inch, until at least two minutes had passed. The ghost had not yet noticed her, and she was almost to the front door. A butcher knife pierced the air next to her ear. She screamed. She had the attention of the spirits. More cutlery Chased her, and she screamed the rest of the way to the front door. She was slashed and bleeding, but she still had her matches and the candles.
Hurrying, she prepared to light the match. The globe glowed. Kim lit his candle. Newna lit her candle. Uzumaki lit his candle. Uzumaki chanted an ancient spell. A screeching reverberated through the house.
Knives and spoons danced about as the cries built into a cacophony of pain. Slowly, Kim stood up.
"Newna? Uzumaki?" He called.
"I'm kind of alright," Newna called back. Footsteps came down the stairs. Kim tensed until he saw it was just Uzumaki. Newna came into the living room as well.

"Thanks for the exorcism," Newna told him, "If you hadn't been there we might've... might've..."

"It was my pleasure," Uzumaki replied. Kim and Newna embraced. And were stabbed. "Why-?" Kim choked out before he collapsed, dead, on top of his deceased wife.
"Like I said, it was my pleasure," Uzumaki grinned.

The ghosts of the couple rose out of their bodies. While the couple looked on mournfully, he rifled through their possessions and took their valuables

"Thank you for listening to directions so well," Uzumaki continued, "Now your souls are my slaves. Would you like to hear your first assignment?" "There is a new house being built in New Hampshire... Find it, and haunt it, but do not kill the people inside. Once I kill those people, you two will be free to move on to the after world." "You shall know it," Uzumaki said, "By the bloody spiral on the front door." Press play and continue Prezi for soundtrack. Then there was silence.
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