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Laura Baird

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Question 2 - How does your media product represent particular social groups? For my musician, I tried to create a new artist that wasn’t an exact replica of current artists but a blend of popular trends and styles. For example I made sure she had bright and trendy clothes on and a Duffer hat which is a recognisable and popular brand at the moment. Also the fact that she has bright red hair relates to my brand of R&B because a lot of musicians like Rihanna have bright hair and are quite quirky. Here popular musician Ed Sheeran
and actor Rupert Grint are both wearing
the brand 'Duffer' which my model is wearing
this makes her relatable to the target audience.
Also 'Duffer' is a more male dominated brand so
by having my female model wear it, it brings in a
male audience which means more people will buy
my magazine. Rihanna is a very famous R&B artist who is also
very well known for experimenting with hair colours,
therefore the fact that my model has this hair colour makes her up to date and current which my target audience want. When doing the photo-shoot, I made sure my model didn’t have stern expressions on her face and always looked calm but engaging. This is because R&B is smoother than hip hop (which can be more aggressive in its style)
Also I wanted her to be relatable and friendly so other young people would want to get to know and read about her. On my double page spread, I ended up using this image... This image is sort of stereotypical because R&B
female singers are usually dancers or do a
lot of dancing in their music videos, however my musician also goes against the stereotype because she is not in revealing clothing like a lot of R&B female artists. Therefore, I wanted to show that even though this is a new fresh artist, she can still do all the things the current artists can which my target audience enjoy. This is a picture which R&B singer
Beyonce posted of herself in a studio for a
rehearsal. This shows that my representation of
my R&B artist is accurate to the genre. To try and create meaning with my musician, I have cropped the image so it is more focused on her, and I have also used the cloning tool on Photoshop to get rid of some of the distractions in the background so it is mainly black and contrasts more with the amount of colour my model is wearing.
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