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Mike Graham

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of meghan.P.

Industry Education Agriculture now now now then then then 1. In many schools one teacher would
be in charge of instructing many third
grade levels at the same time. 2.Many poor kids did not have
a chance to attend school as they
had to work full time to help
support their families. 3.The teachers taught several kids in
one classroom. 1.Teachers would be assigned to
teach 1 grade level 2.today all kids are required to
go to school. 3.Some teachers will be assigned to teach
two classes 3.Industry in the past also part of
farming economies and over the
years grew to become a much bigger
technological industry. 1.Technology has advanced the
industry of today.Factories now
have machines. 1.Factories and mills were part
of industry. 2.Other profit making enterprises include
mining,railroads,and banking. 2.We now have banking,trading,
and financial services. 3.Not only do we have farming,we
have shopping stores to provide
food as well. 1.Farmers planted and harvested
crops 2.Farmers raised animals and sold
them for food 3.Farmers took care of the land 1.We have machines that plant and
harvest crops 2.We have factories,meat markets,and
grocery stores that help process food. 3.we have machines that help take care
of the soil and land.
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