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CTSS CPA 3A3 CEL Muhd Fahmi 19

Automation occurs when machines are used to carry out a process or an activity with minimum human effort of supervision

Muhd Fahmi

on 18 June 2011

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Transcript of CTSS CPA 3A3 CEL Muhd Fahmi 19

Computer and Productivity 1.1 Embedded Processor and Automation Henry Ford Mass production is the manufacture of large amounts of standardised products on production lines.
It was popularised by Henry in the early 20th century.
During that time , mass production made Ford's car (Model T) affordable to many people. Ford Model T cars 1.8 Artificial Intelligence Al is used to describe attempts at making machines as intelligent as or more intelligent than people. Al is relatively new branch of science Aims to create machines that can find solutions to complex problems An attractive science because it has wide range of applications The use of robots in industrial processes Work at fast speeds Accurate and consistent Cost of producing goods are reduced in the long run Workers do not have to be exposed to conditions that are dangerous or harmful to their health A processors is a part of the computer that follows instructions and carries out actions. It is like the "brain" of a computer The benefits and drawbacks of using robots Robots can perform repetitive tasks, handle heavy objects, perform dangerous jobs, and perform jobs that require high precision Embedded processors are found on circuit boards of computerised machines that include computers and robots This is a vidoe of Artificial Intelligence
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