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Raising the Bar: Using Capital Campaign Best Practices to Improve Annual Results

2012 AFP St. Louis Conference presentation

Jason Huff

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Raising the Bar: Using Capital Campaign Best Practices to Improve Annual Results

Raising the Bar Why Campaigns? Make your campaign a year-long event The Annual Campaign:
A 12-month Affair Set Goal(s) Bare Bones


Stretch Time specific Sense of Urgency Private Goal Bare Bones:
Absolute Minimum Acceptable Official:
Public Tell Everyone!!!! Stretch:
Semi - Private Tell Key Stakeholders
Make an Internal Challenge Exactly What You Need To Achieve Goals
(see handout) Create a
Chart of Standards Choose a Chair Ad-hoc (1-yr term)
Bring in "new faces"
Utilize current relationships Form a Committee Equip the Committee Develop a Case Have a theme
Develop Materials
Stay Consistent Marketing Follow up, Follow up, Follow up! When is it 'okay' to ask again? Monthly Giving

Multi-year gifts Consider Pledges Structure


Energy Using Capital Campaign Best Practices to
Improve Annual Results Concrete Examples
(even for unrestricted funds) Be Specific Aspirational

Donors do not want to 'fund a gap' Be Results-Oriented Make personal visits
Open doors
Sign solicitation letters
Send 'pre-campaign' letters
Make follow up phone calls
Host campaign 'parties'
Provide testimonials (video, written)
Send thank-you notes
Make thank-you phone calls
Tweet, re-tweet, "like" Possible Committe Roles Not all ideas will be applicable
for all organizations Caveat for today Add a checkbox for bequests
Add a way to request information
Include a "soft ask" on everything! Integrate Planned Giving What are the Steps? Make a Lead Gift
Be the Main Advocate
Face of the Campaign
Solicit gifts
Solicit volunteers Chairperson Responsibilities 1-on-1 AND Group
Solicitation techniques
Review campaign case, goal, leadership, etc. Training Campaign Binder
Case Statement
Pledge forms
Talking points
Contact sheet
Resource sheet
Chart of Standards Materials Campaign Staging Planning
Develop Timeline of Activities
Establish Goals
Recruit Volunteers Pre-Campaign 100% Board Participation
Leadership / Administration Campaign
Staff Campaign
Parent / Patient / Client Campaign
Major Donor Campaign
Secure Matching Gifts
Establish Challenges
Leadership Campaign Mailing(s)
Community Campaign
Civic Organizations
Special Events
Public Campaign Giving Clubs
Temporary Naming Rights
Facilities Consider Naming
Opportunities As soon as the donor truly
realizes the impact of their
gift through stewardship Jason A. Huff, MBA, CFRE
Director, Institutional Giving
St. Louis College of Pharmacy
(314) 446-8426
@jasonahuff3 Thank You!
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