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No description

Mathan Sivanesan

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Electroencephalogy

By: Mathan Sivanesan Electroencephalogy What Is Electroencephalogy? Impacts of EEG Thanks for watching! Electroencephalogy (EEG) is the study of measuring electrical activity of the brain. Uses of EEG EEG may have some positives but since it is under developed, it has all lot of limitations. One of these limitations is that it has poor image resolution, it will not provide a clear image. It can also cause seizures to people who has them in the process. Despite having a lot of limitations, I think this technology will make life a lot more easier since in the future, we might be able to move objects with our minds! Hope you learned a lot from this presentation! The voltage and frequency of the brain is interpreted and is useful for assessing brain death, seizure activity, determining stages of sleep and for monitoring brain activity during the intensive care unit. Purposes of EEG are being worked on like radio communication and moving objects. Brain activity can be measured by using small metal discs called electrodes positioned in a pattern on the scalp. Sonic is the best In the video shown, there are many uses for this technology. Sonic 06 is the the best Sonic game! In the other video, it shows a possible use of this technology.
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