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KRBC Missions 5

Mission Boards

Stephen Johns

on 1 March 2015

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Transcript of KRBC Missions 5

The Preeminence of the Church
The Church is God's plan for reaching the nations
The Church guards the truth
God has gifted the church to reach the world
Parachurch Organizations
What are they?
What are their blessings?
What are their risks?
Since they are beyond denominational guidelines or secondary doctrinal issues they can provide a larger group to minister to particular needs.

While they are attempting to assist the church with its mission they are free to focus on a particular area.

In the realm of education it can afford a student to get a broader exposure to a variety of doctrinal issues and the expanse of Christendom instead of becoming a self-copying entity.

In certain ministry endeavors it can permit many churches to work together toward the Great Commission when they otherwise might not want to participate together.

It can provide Believers with a Christian approach to a specific need instead of a secular approach.
They can easily become the 'church'
They can rule over the church instead of serving the church
Missions Boards as Parachurch Organizations
Their right role and what they can do
Their wrong role and what they shouldn't do
Some key ways they can serve the local church is by assisting in handling the financial aspects of the missionary, training in culture and language study, marshaling teams together in key areas, knowing the field better, traveling to encourage and some accountability, and dealing with emergency situations.
Be the primary identifiers of missionaries.

Be the primary accountability of missionaries.

Be the determiners of missions philosophy.

Be the 'church' to the missionary.
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