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The Aspects of Construction

A Comparison of "like" garments

alyssa baker

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of The Aspects of Construction

The Aspects of Construction A comparison of "like" garments
4 Stores
Target - "hip retail store"
Walmart- "discount superstore"
Macys- "Largest National Department Store"
Victoria's Secret- "Specialty Store" Target Private label brand- Xhilaration
National brand- Hanes So how did they do?
Xhilaration received 47/65
Hanes received 37/65 Target's private label, Xhilaration came out on top. Criteria RN #
Country of origin
Target Market
Fiber Content
Decorative Detail
Ease of Care
Presentation of Product
Walmart Private label- No Boundaries
Nationa brand- L.E.I. So how did they do? No Boundaries received a 52/65 L.E.I. received a 57/65 L.E.I. came out on top Macys Private Label- Jenni
National Brand- DKNY Who came out on top?

Jenni recieved a 50/65
DKNY received a 53/65 DKNY had the better quality garment. Victoria's Secret Specialty Store Received a 48/65, a low score compared to its high price tag.
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