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Unit 2- International Perspectives

No description

Rita Menendez

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Unit 2- International Perspectives

The Foundations of Dual Language Instruction:
Chapter One Unit 2 Snapshot at the TEA http://www.tea.state.tx.us/ NextTime: Check email and e-college often for updates and content
Chapter2: Program Models
Semantic Features Analysis handout (on e-college) © 2011 Laura Chris Green, Ph.D.
Identify main ideas for Chapter 1 of our text.
Compare demographic figures for ELLs and other students at the national and state levels. Objectives © 2011 Laura Chris Green, Ph.D. 68% low-income
Parent education
45% no HS degree
25% don’t reach 9th
67% PK-6, 31% 7-12
85% ESL, 26% BE
8% SpEd, 1.4% GT
175K bil tchrs needed Over 5 million in US
Grow 7X faster
460 languages in all
80% speak Spanish
Mexico is No. 1
76% born in US
85-90% legal Key ELL Facts & Figures In Texas, the growth rate for LEP students has been much greater than the growth rate for all students. © 2011 Laura Chris Green, Ph.D. Texas students speak 100+ languages, but 94% speak Spanish. © 2011 Laura Chris Green, Ph.D. Source: TEA (2009). Enrollment in Texas Public Schools, 2008-2009 © 2011 Laura Chris Green, Ph.D. = 16.9% of all students statewide
9.6% of all students are in special education
LEP Statistics
87% economically disadvanted
77% EE-5th, 23% 6th-12th
55% Bilingual, 38% ESL, 5% mainstreamed
8.7% Special Education
4.6% Bilingual SPED vs 12.4% ESL SPED 800,554 Identified LEPs in Texas List 4-6 main ideas in bullet form
Write a 2-3 sentence summary
Write one question
Discussion OR
Clarification Topics:
Societal Bilingualism
Educ in > One Lang
19th Century
20th Century Chapter 1 Jigsaw © 2011 Laura Chris Green, Ph.D. http://ritter.tea.state.tx.us/perfreport/snapshot/2011/district.srch.html
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