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Ch 5: The Gospel of Matthew

No description

Shannon Haddad

on 8 February 2018

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Transcript of Ch 5: The Gospel of Matthew

Sect. 1: The Secret to Greatness
Ch. 5: The Gospel of Matthew
Sect. 2: Background on Matthew
Sect. 3: Jesus the Teacher
For Reflection...
1. What is one way that Jesus helps you on your path to true greatness?
2. How can you continue to strive for greatness everyday?
Themes of Matthew's Gospel:
Check Point!
1. How does Matthew's Gospel portray Jesus?
2. What does Jesus teach us primarily?
3. How do we know Matthew's audience was Jewish?
4. How is Matthew like a "bridge"?
Discourse 1: Sermon on the Mount
Introduces the

Teaches us how to live
Old Law vs. New Law?
Salt and Light
"Salt of the earth"
"Light of the world!"
Be Perfect?!
The Holy Spirit helps us to
Discourse 2: Discipleship
Check Point!!
1. What's the purpose of the Sermon on the Mount?
2. How does the New Law differ from the Old?
3. Are Jesus' standards too high? Why/why not?
4. Why does Matthew's gospel begin with Jesus' lineage?
Discourse 3: Parables about the Kingdom
Discourse 4: Jesus Establishes the Church
So, why do we need a hierarchy? Can't we just follow whatever we feel Jesus is calling us to?
Discourse 5: The Final Judgment
Jesus teaches us to
be ready
: "True
...The path to true
Jesus the:
Jewish Christians
Matthew the Apostle
How do we know this?
Matthew is the first Gospel in the New Testament
Not necessarily
Antioch, Syria
Between 80 and 85 A.D.
Around the time of the Roman revolt
-Caused tension between the Jews and Christians
Jesus is the fulfillment of the OT prophecies!
Jesus' mission:
to establish the Church
1. Prophecies
2. Catechesis
3. Discipleship
-How does this impact Matthew's Gospel?
The 5 Discourses
At Last!
How does Matthew begin his gospel?
King David:
"Father of the Jews"
Messiah's lineage
What is Matthew hinting at?
Matthew 5-7
a.k.a. =
"Supreme Happiness"
Even better than this!
Offers a new hope for those suffering, why?
How is this different than what the world tells us happiness is?
1. Pray with our
2. Make God a priority
3. Bear good
Matthew 10
Mission of the disciples:
Bring back lost sheep of Israel
Condition? No packing...
Hardships/rewards of being a disciple?
Matthew 13
What is Heaven like?
Jesus' gives us a clue in the form of
Matthew 18
Jesus gives Peter the "keys to the Kingdom"
Parable of the Lost Sheep
Matthew 24-25
1. Like a "thief in the night"
2. Parable of the talents
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